TSA Hate

Uncle has links to a few TSA stories.

One is an agent getting arrested for child porn. Is there ANY doubt why this creep was on the TSA? I wonder if the booth where the Backscatter images are reviewed are private enough so that the agent can masturbate when they’re espeshally enthralled with the images that pare presented.

Of course we’ve certainly seen people being singled out in “random” searches for their body types, do you not think this might also include the children we’ve seen patted down?

He also links a TSA employee pointing out the backscatter and pat-down procedures are worthless. That should be obvious as the TSA does NOT stop terrorists, and frequently lets contraband pass through screening checkpoints.

Of course the real horror is how isolated the outrage with them is. You hear from business travelers who dislike the added trouble, but overall the message I hear from the people is the 4th Amendment isn’t all that important to them, and even more alarming is that the TSA’s abysmal success rate is even less relevant to them.

What I really don’t like is the Carte blanche approval people give to anybody in authority. From the Police Officer demanding EVERYBODY on a road stop at a checkpoint because SOMEBODY may be drunk driving, or people consenting to searches of their vehicle or allowing Police to enter their home without warrant or probable cause, or the people who are so outraged that George Zimmerman might not have given his complete obedience to a 911 operator, or to the principal of the school that says your son is suspended because he left his Swiss Army knife or Leatherman tool in their bag, or your daughter brought a bottle of Midol to school without a note because she rightfully thought it was nobody’s business that she was experiencing menstrual cramps.

And the grotesque cherry on top is the TSA goons that have an impressive 0% success rate in stopping terrorism who are sexually assaulting our loved ones.

I’m so appalled that as a culture we so deserve this…I’d just rather not be judged by my idiotic neighbors, thanks.


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  1. Jack says:

    Ah, the grand alliance of those who find liberty scary and just want someone to take care of all those icky responsibilities and those who find liberty scary and just want someone to rule and groom and treat like livestock.

    Course it’s not enough for them to go off onto some commune and play lord and serfs on their own dime.

    No, it’s not a “fair” game unless they get the power of the state to foot the bill and make everyone “play”.

  2. But but but…..the terrorists! And and and….the TERRORISTS!

    Bin Laden was right, all it takes is the threat of something bad happening for this mentally unstable country to lose it’s shit and destroy itself from within.

    We have the government we deserve.

  3. Rob Crawford says:

    Could we at least start by restricting the TSA to airports and not letting them lose on the highways and rail system? The “VIPR” program is just way too much “YOUR PAPERS PLEASE!!!!” for me.

  4. Greg Camp says:

    Others have said it before, but what on earth has happened to this country. We kicked out King George’s goons for asking us to pay a little extra for tea. We tamed a continent, and then dug a canal to join two oceans. We were big players on the winning teams in two world wars. We sent our people to the Moon and explored the solar system with our robots. Now we put up with this foolishness. We owe some ‘splainin to a lot of our ancestors.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      To be fair, I think the Boston Tea Party was overall just “Mood music” for the revolution. The “Shot Heard Around the World” was incited by the British forces coming to seize militia stores in Massachusetts. Now today I have a nightmare getting ammo shipped to be because of stupid laws, I can only buy handguns that my government approves of (for my own “Safety” of course) and I need to show an expensive, and not legally protected ID every time I do a firearm-related transaction. Hell last month J&G sales said they wouldn’t ship an oder of handguns to my FFL because I hold an 03 rather than an 01 or 02….Had to ship them to Wally’s shop and pick them up when I came up to visit. The sales assosiate for J&G was very nice, and they’re a great company but he said “We can’t do that because of the new laws.” Unless I’m mistaken there are no such laws.

      Same state, worlds apart.

  5. wrm says:

    Uni, I think Bob WB45ACP needs an extra treatment.

    (Yes, I’m re-reading _This Perfect Day_ 🙂

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