Why Not?

I’ve been prattling a bit about the 870 Shotgun used in Aurora. Then I saw this video and NEEDED to post it:

The antis like to vilify guns, because they’re “Progressives” that like to give every concession possible to the criminals (You’ll notice that the antis never talk about how the police consistently let Jared Laughner go despite a long record of illegal drug use and violent behavior, potentially this lunatic could be in jail or seeking help for his issues had the police stepped in when they had him in the back of their cruisers).

Pro-Freedom people know that a tool in the hands of a good person is a good thing, and a tool in the hand of a bad one will be used for bad…it doesn’t matter if its an 870 riot gun, or a rusty screwdriver.

You’re a good person, and that looks like a DAMN nice custom shotgun, and I’m really surprised by the price! Why not thumb your nose at the antis and pick one up and show them you don’t blame inanimate objects for evil!

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