Why Would They Say This???

Have a look at this twitter exchange:

First up I think the “95,820 domestic abusers who couldn’t buy a gun” are just the total people charged with “domestic abuse” or under domestic restraining orders, and to be fair I think we all know that there are a LOT of false positives in this, given how many nasty divorces and breakups end up getting a restraining order thrown around. I suspect we all know somebody who was the subject of a protective order simply because it was a way to lash out.

Now meanwhile the person agreeing with him is Joan Peterson, a person who’s entire identity is that her sister was shot, and somehow that’s a reason to pass more laws that never had any relation to that murder. Joan’s sister was shot by a man subject to a restraining order and in a wealth of legal issues. She says “Good Stats to Have”??? Your sister was MURDERED by one of those “Statistics”, what the HELL is wrong with you??

Support for gun control can be nothing short of mental illness

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  1. SGB says:

    It is a mental illness.

  2. thirdpower says:

    I got him to admit that NICS violations are almost never prosecuted and that they are trying to shut down as many FFL’s as possible through litigation and legislation yet he still demands that all sales go through FFL’s for ‘safety’.

    It is a mental illness

    • Weerd Beard says:

      I saw that. What you won’t get him to note is that NICS denials are often just false positives and most people contest the denial and get their gun soon afterwards.

      They like to talk about all the “Denials” they don’t like to talk about how many people “Denied” got their gun because the system is just a PITA.

      People who can’t buy guns steal them, buy them illegally on the black market, or get a Straw buyer. What’s great is to get an anti to talk against straw sales their talking points are as follows.
      1. Don’t sell more than one gun in a month to a person
      2. Report people who buy multiple guns to the #1 gun trafficker in America (ATF)
      3. Don’t sell guns to any women (they’re the drug dealer’s Girlfriend)
      4. Don’t sell guns to minorities (they’re just going to trade the gun for drugs)

      They’re awesome people!

      • Pyrotek85 says:

        I know criminals aren’t super bright, but I think most of them know better than to try to buy legally if they know they’re going to be denied. I’d wager the majority of those 95k denials are either false positives or due to old convictions from their youth that they weren’t aware disqualified them.

        I really doubt most people who know they have a felony conviction/restraining order is going to try to go the legal route and draw attention to themselves.

        • Weerd Beard says:

          I’d bet 90-99% are false positives. You hang out in a gun shop long enough you’ll see somebody contest a NICS denial, and then get approved. I’m sure if you WORK in a gun shop It’ll be commonplace.

  3. Bob S. says:

    “95,820 domestic abusers who couldn’t buy a gun”

    I like trying to get the antis to realize that statement is incomplete; it should have “…at a licensed dealer” stuck on the end.

    Just like millions of people can’t buy marijuana at a licensed dealer (medical marijuana) but that doesn’t seem to stop millions of people from smoking it.

    People wanting to commit a crime will not be stopped by the law. How hard is that for an anti to understand?

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