Zero Consistency

This story just drives me nuts.

The Transportation Security Administration is firing eight federal air marshals, including a supervisor, for allegedly drinking alcohol on a training day and suspending six others for not reporting the misconduct, the agency said Friday….The TSA told The Associated Press the drinking occurred at a restaurant in February and was reported to a website that allows employees to alert leadership of inappropriate behavior.

None of the marshals was scheduled for flight duty the day of the drinking. But the TSA said consumption of alcohol is forbidden anytime they are on the job….Some of the marshals at the restaurant had their service weapons with them, the agency said.

Look, I’m not impressed with their behavior. Still the devil is in the details. Were these armed Marshals getting shitfaced and dancing on the bar, or were just hoisting a few beers and enjoying their down time? Were all the officers armed?

Still I gotta say, not hearing any details implies to me that there isn’t much, and when you look at the behavior of the rank-and-file TSA screeners, this is just more abject stupidity from an agency that never should have been created in the first place!


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  1. ZerCool says:

    I’m going to differ with you on this one, Weerd. (Well, not the disband the TSA part, but the rest of it.)

    I don’t care whether they were having a cold one (ONE) with their lunch, or dropping Jaegerbombs for an hour. When they’re on duty (and “in training” is “on duty”), their job requires sobriety. Period. Full stop. They broke the rules, they suffer the consequences.

    Besides, I’m sure IMPD will pick them up in a hurry.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      I think we’re on the same page. I agree that rules are rules.

      But with stories like this, and this, not to mention that silly and out-dated 4th Amendment thing (probably a “Collective Right” mind you!) TSA doesn’t seem to be a stickler for rules.

  2. Bobby says:

    … again story taken with large grain of salt …

    Side Thought Tho : Perhaps we should have a nationwide “Take A TSA Agent To The Bar For Drinks” Day … and then self report this to the DHS / TSA scumbag whistleblower line!

  3. Greg Camp says:

    Whether having a cold one is o.k. or not, did the TSA people miss the story out of Columbia about the Secret Service? You’d think there’d have been a memo sent around about not doing questionable things while on duty for a while.

    Of course, from what I know about government jobs, that memo was issued. Now there will be another one. Guys, this time we really mean it.

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