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“Gun Death” Horrible Father

Seriously…NO! A six-week old baby is in the hospital after her father reportedly put the little girl in a freezer for an hour on Saturday afternoon to stop her from crying, Pierce County Sheriff’s spokesman Ed Troyer said. NO! NO! … Continue reading

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Maybe a New Tactic for Our Side?

Via Thirdpower from the Netroots con: American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten said the movement should take a page from immigration and same-sex marriage advocates and present clear, touching stories of those who gain and lose from gun violence. … Continue reading

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Images of the Antis: Control!

This is an interesting one: Source: Uploaded by user via Joan on Pinterest Did the 55 MPH limit make us safer? There is no evidence to say it did. What is sure did was clog highways at rush hour, not … Continue reading

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Truth in Advertisement!

Saw some of these in the grocery store and HAD to buy them! They are EXACTLY what they say they are. For further reference, have you ever had a backyard cookout and eaten a juicy steak or hamburger on a … Continue reading

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AK Slow Mo Underwater!

Neat video: I really dig the part where you can see the gas tube vent doing its thing.

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“Gun Death” Registry

This is a horrible one…but it shows the effectiveness of registries. A man who has been charged with killing an elderly Alaska couple and raping their 2-year-old great-granddaughter is a registered sex offender convicted of breaking into a home and … Continue reading

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Some Gunnie Videos

First up some CZ Love. I wish we could get these in Massachusetts: Next some Spam Can opening. Its like Christmas! And last, for the LOLz

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“Gun Death” Stupid Pet Trick

A joke is no longer funny when it becomes a “Gun Death”. Authorities say a Kentucky teenager known as a jokester was strangled by a dog lead he put around his neck while playing with friends at the start of … Continue reading

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Because Garbage

The Weer’d is a Kind, Loving and Forgiving Weer’d. But Sometimes he is a vengeful Weer’d! I heard this song this weekend, and it is abject shit. Abject Catchy shit. Once it is heard, you cannot unhear.

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Lee on the NRA Shirt Arrest

Sorry for the light posting, there’s still some waves in the water but I’m getting back to normal here. Also if we remember when we talked about this before some of his charges were exercising his 5th Amendment right by … Continue reading

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