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Despicable Bedfellows

Thought I’d share this with you all. Yep, Joan Peterson, a vetted member of The Brady Campaign, as well as the spokeswoman for Joyce Foundation funded Protect Minnesota is a regular reader of unapologetic former drug dealer, and illegal arms … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Cold Case

Wow, this is a WEIRD ONE! The skeleton of a teacher who vanished nearly 30 years ago has been found sealed in a plastic container behind a false wall in her dead hoarder husband’s New York home. A contractor cleaning … Continue reading

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Tonight’s Rant: Hunter Stockton Thompson

He was a literary hero, and an unhinged lunatic. His writing had suffered for decades before his suicide. Yet I deeply miss him, and my blog header has a direct reference to him.

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Play Me Out: Shooter and Biram

Two great artists, singing about white trash. How can it go wrong?

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Ok now for some cute! A duckling that was abandoned by her mother at birth has found a new home among a family of cats. The baby duck was adopted by a feline called Tosia after she was separated from … Continue reading

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Totally True, Totally Hilarious, 100% HORRIBLE! H/T Siddhartha Priest

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Afternoon LOLz


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“Gun Death” Too Easy

Those who use the metric of “Gun Death” say a gun makes it too easy to kill. Does this seem hard to you? A Kansas woman allegedly doused passengers on a Metro bus with gasoline early Monday morning, according to … Continue reading

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Bad Justice: Stabbing Suspect

Have a look at the guy they’ve arrested for today’s “Gun Death” story: A former busboy with a long history of violence, identified as “a person of interest” in the fatal stabbing of 24-year-old Amy E. Lord of South Boston, … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Boston

Boston is one of those cities that does everything it can to discourage lawful gun owners. Hey because nothing you own is worth killing over! A young woman was kidnapped from South Boston in broad daylight Tuesday morning and forced … Continue reading

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