Despicable Bedfellows

Thought I’d share this with you all.

Joan Loves Jade

Yep, Joan Peterson, a vetted member of The Brady Campaign, as well as the spokeswoman for Joyce Foundation funded Protect Minnesota is a regular reader of unapologetic former drug dealer, and illegal arms dealer MikeB302000. Not only that, but this particular article that she felt worthy of linking and supporting is written by full-time troll, and generally mentally ill stalker Guy “Jadegold” Cabot.

Hey but that’s not all, just recently she had a rather manic post where she listed everything that was on her narrow mind including this:

Speaking of George Zimmerman, it sounds like his supposed rescue story after a car accident is a fake and a fraud intended to make him look like a “good guy”. Such hypocrisy should not be tolerated and is just plain ugly and disgusting.

The link goes to a post by another total winner Dog Gone who’s linking bunk posts for a phenomenon called “George Zimmerman Truthers”. Yep, not only is George Zimmerman a “White Supremacist” who murdered a black infant in cold blood, then beat his own skull into the ground to fake injuries and made up a story that perfectly matched all forensic evidence found on the scene (not to mention chose the only “Innocent” black boy with a violent and criminal past to make it that more believable to a gullible jury), but he also has deep connections to the Sanford Police Department that they’re willing to fake an accident to give him some positive PR.

Yes, George Zimmerman is either Keyser Söze or Sumdood
…maybe both….

If you’re anti-gun you are so crazy and loathsome that you need to associate with any scumbag on the internet who supports you to avoid being alone at all.

If they weren’t such horrible people, I’d feel bad for them.

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6 Responses to Despicable Bedfellows

  1. Old NFO says:

    Yep, they ARE going to be hoist on their own petard again… and not understand why…

  2. Formynder says:

    Whoa. I must be more tired than normal, with my judgement gone out the window. I clicked the link to the Daily Banter and started reading the comments. What a bunch of loons. Sadly, they seemed like the type to believe Joan’s banshee wailing.

  3. TS says:

    Wow there is some major tin foil hat stuff going on accusing that Zimmer-man rescue of being fake. I wonder how the cops held back all the other motorists from helping while they waited? “stay back everyone! We’re still waiting on Georgie-boy.”

    You know what? Even if he was tipped off to the accident by a cop friend, if the people who called 911 weren’t willing to help, and whatever number of motorists passed by weren’t willing to help… If it took George-freakin-Zimmerman to hop in his car and drive to the scene to rescue a family with two small children who were stuck in a car, then his is a true hero and not just someone in the right place at the right time.

    • Rob Crawford says:

      I think he should change his name to “Emmanuel Goldstein”. One or two of the haters might be prodded to think; the rest will never have the awareness to know he changed his name.

  4. Bubblehead Les says:

    So is it true that Zimmerman grew up in Roswell, N.M., and there’s no record of any of his Family Members prior to 1947?

  5. TS says:

    I just left a post over at Penigma. Dog Gone is even more far gone than I thought. She is wearing a magnificent jewel encrusted tin foil crown with water buffalo horns that must be 3ft long. It’s quite the spectacle.

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