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“Gun Death” Library Death

What’s the most common weapon in public libraries? A San Francisco man is under arrest in connection with a bizarre incident at the city’s Main Library branch in which he struck another patron over the head with a chair in … Continue reading

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More From the Global Warming Cult

It’s still warming and its still our fault, even if it’s not! The Earth has changed in “unprecedented ways” since 1950, the U.N. says, and its scientists are 95 percent certain that humans are responsible. Yet the planet has largely … Continue reading

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Good Foreign Policy Video

Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria are turning me into a LOT more of a Dove than I ever was. Still this video was really interesting: I do like the bit about America always fighting the last war. Also I do hate … Continue reading

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Glowing Rats

We were actually planning on doing this exact experiment linking the florescent gene with our study genes in mice. I got two pairs of the florescent mice to breed, and one pair never had babies, and the other pair kept … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” “Bummed”

Via Wallphone, its a scan of a newspaper posting… Something about being “Bummed to death by a Zebra”. I can’t even make heads or tails of it. The officials who recovered the body suspect he was mistaken for a female … Continue reading

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Trifecta Again on the DC Shooting

Good Stuff!

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Evening LOL!

Took me a bit to figure out where this was going! Really funny!

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At the End of A Long Day

Man, busy day in the lab today. Proverbial one-armed paper-hanger! You know what will make for a good capper on a busy day? A nice drink and a quality News/Talk call-in show! You know what one of the best News/Talk … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” a Terrible One.

Honestly, how little blood is flowing through the veins of the “Gun Death” preachers? Stories like this don’t bother them, while a mugger shot by an armed citizen evoke days of hand-wringing… s first reported by the Effingham Daily News, … Continue reading

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Actually Caring About Safety

The Armed Citizen Project is planning to give away shotguns in Florida. A gun group is offering free shotguns to residents in a central Florida neighborhood. Member of the Armed Citizen Project say arming residents is a way to stop … Continue reading

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