A Day To Give Thanks

Heading up to Maine for Thanksgiving. It a LOT more packing this year. Normally I just throw on some of those nice clothes I generally only wear for family holidays, pack a few changes of clothes, a carry gun or two and I’m set for a long weekend in Maine.

Since this is little LaWeer’da’s first run to Vacationland not only are we bringing the covered wagon of baby travel stuff, but a few other appointments to leave with the grandparents for future trips.

And for all of that, I am SO thankful.

Have a happy Holiday guys!

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4 Responses to A Day To Give Thanks

  1. C-90 says:

    Repeat after me:

    “You’re gonna need a bigger boat!”

    Jesus Christ, the allies used less to invade Normandy!

  2. Murphy's Law says:

    Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels.

  3. Wolfman says:

    The first time My Lovely Wife and I took Danger to me parents’ in Montana, the neighbors thought we were moving away. I filled a fullsize shortbed pickup box to the rails- of that, I had one small bag. Kids need a LOT of stuff! Happy Thanksgiving!

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