A Good Night to Squirrel Hard

So its Thursday, and soon we’ll be starting up another Squirrel Report!

Lots of news to talk about, especially some of the questionable police events of late.

Also we have a call in (We had ONE caller last show….you can do better than that!!!) and its “Who’s Your Favorite Girl With A Gun in TV or Film”? Call in and justify!

So yeah 9pm EST for a fun-filled SQUIRREL REPORT!!!


(New picture of LaWeerda which came out REALLY creepy if you ask me!)

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3 Responses to A Good Night to Squirrel Hard

  1. Jennifer says:

    Sorry I missed the show. Didn’t get home until after it was over. We were eating onion burgers while being stood up at the gun range.
    Wow. Now that I type that out it sounds really lame.

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