Because I Love the Internet

lucusloc sends this one. I don’t care for the music, but I dig the subject matter:

And in case you haven’t seen this one:

That is high art right there!

Also from her videos, I’m AMAZED at how gentle the pit bull is!

I’m not one of these people who gets bent out of shape from Pit Bulls, but I’m very impressed to see any MALE dog so gentle to small animals.

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5 Responses to Because I Love the Internet

  1. Ruth says:

    I guess I need to post the video of my 118lbs of intact male Tibetan Mastiff having fun playing with with the mouse he dug up out of the yard. I’ll admit that the mouse knew they weren’t playing, but Apollo clearly thought the mouse was a little playmate and therefore he had to be gentle with it.

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  3. Old NFO says:

    All funny ones, thanks!

  4. lucusloc says:

    yeah sorry, forgot to mention I muted it after 3 seconds of that song. . . .

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