False Flag

I’ve found this via Jason “Baldr” Kilgore.

Turns out that Baldr (who oddly makes public appearances using his comic book persona….am I doing something wrong representing my blog in meatspace suing my real name?) was in some anti-gun symposium in Eugene Oregon. Because antis can’t play fair they asked this jerk to pretend to represent the NRA and gun owners. Of course this guy’s only claim to fame is writing anti-gun articles

Of course he’s against statistics…because they don’t support him. Of course he’s against people thinking he’s crazy or stupid, because he’s both.

This is nothing more than an Anti-Gun circle-jerk talking about how they can work with the pro-gun side to create new anti-rights policies without once inviting a pro-gun side to the table.

Good job guys!

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2 Responses to False Flag

  1. TS says:

    There isn’t a single sentence this guy says which would leave one to believe that he is pro-gun (other than, “I’m an NRA member”). He has a repeated tagline of “…and the carnage continues”. Sure, he’s speaking for gun rights.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Hell “And the Carnage continues” is looking right at the OTHER “Progressive” “Hide the Decline”.

      We just had one of the worst economic slumps since the Carter administration, crazy high unemployment, inflation, and stock market turmoil. Yet for the first time EVER violent crime went DOWN. Also carry permits are at a record high, both nominally, and per-capita, as is gun ownership…at least since the industrial revolution. The American people are the best armed as they ever have been, and these arms are NOT being owned and carried for sport…and violent crime is down.

      The Carnage is NOT continuing, because now the good guys are taking it upon themselves to be armed for defense of themselves and their nation. The anti-rights types would like this NOT to be true because they only care about banning guns, not about public safety, or the 2nd Amendment.

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