Good Job Guys!

What were they hoping to accomplish?

Activists occupied an animal facility at the University of Milan, Italy, at the weekend, releasing mice and rabbits and mixing up cage labels to confuse experimental protocols. Researchers at the university say that it will take years to recover their work.

Many of the animals at the facility are genetic models for psychiatric disorders such as autism and schizophrenia.

No arrests have been made following the 12-hour drama, which took place on Saturday, although the university says that it will press charges against the protesters. The activists took some of the animals and were told during negotiations that they would be permitted to come back later and take more.

Guess what the first thing they’re going to do when the researchers get back into that animal facility? Euthanize ALL the animals. ALL OF THEM. The research is ruined, as there is no way to be sure which animals are which, and what was done to them. More than likely these goons didn’t wear protective gear so they introduced bacteria and viruses into clean areas. All animals will have to be culled off. Any unique strains will have to be re-derrived inside a quarantine facility. (For those who don’t know, its usually done by in-vitro fertilization in a germ-free foster-mother animal) and the rooms will need to be fully fumigated to return them to clean status.

If any animals are released they will die in the wild as they are bread to exhibit disease models, not survive on their own.

And Not only does this hurt the animals, but the people who might benefit from treatment as well.

You beasts are all heart!

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4 Responses to Good Job Guys!

  1. Stuart the Viking says:

    I’m a bad person…. All I could do when I read this was imagine how a schizophrenic bunny would act “in the wild”. My mind went everywhere from a wild eyed “Gimme the carrots! Gimme all the carrots!”, to “Woof Woof! I’m a big eared dog! WOOF! (hop)”.


  2. bluesun says:

    I’m remembering the opening to 28 Days Later…

  3. Chance Favors says:

    If I was a researcher, and I had paid any attention at all to the news in recent years, I would have all my research animals “chipped” so that I could identify them in the event of an incident like this one.

    I also wouldn’t tell anyone about it, and I would moan and complain about the wasted years of research, just to make everybody mad at the kooks who broke in and vandalized the lab. Because I wouldn’t want the kooks to kill my animals out of spite – just to keep me from completing my research.

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