Great Review of some Range Trash

Shame it sucks, I LOVE the Vz 61 for unnatural reasons

Proof that you can mess up even the most tried-and-true design with shoddy parts and workmanship!

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  1. AZRon says:

    It’s not an unnatural desire. I have no use for one, but I have several desires (guns and otherwise) that are beyond reason. No explanation is required. Sometimes you want what you want.

    Sometimes it’s focused on history, sometimes utility. Sometimes it’s the unobtainable, like a virginal prom queen. Sometimes it’s the allure of the designer or the manufacturer.

    Sometimes you want to get a second after you have gotten your first. (financial danger lies ahead)

    Sometimes you just say “I want it” and that’s enough. If the wife understands, you’re drawing a secure paycheck, and the unborn is covered, I say…do it.

    I can remember my remorse over NOT buying something out of possible regrets and later seeing them inflate 300%.

    1. Family
    2. You
    3. Personal responsibility
    4. Work (with regards to 1-3 above)
    5. Fun (this includes family, friends, guns, and your most illogical desires)

    To close, blend #3 with #4, and you’ve got it made.

  2. guy says:

    To be fair, it wasn’t really just shoddy workmanship crippling a good design. They just made a gun that kinda looks like an actual CZ scorp, but changed pretty much everything.

    I was kinda shocked to see how many feed problems he had with a magazine that had to be inserted by bracing it against his leg and giving it a good healthy shove.

  3. tommy says:

    I especially liked the part where the Typical Gang Member just threw his Jennings.
    Shame about the fake skorpion, though, as I to share a desire for one that rivals that of Nutella.

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