Great Video on Background Checks

Background Checks are garbage and a waste of time.

As Mike at ENDO says:

Why would a criminal buy a new gun from an FFL when they could just get one off the streets or through a face to face transfer?

Or criminals do frequently use Straw Buyers to get guns from FFLs or from legitimate private sellers who take precautions to keep guns from going into criminal hands.

Oh yeah, and Straw Buyers ARE committing a crime…on the federal level.

The NICS system is a waste of time, effort and money. Honestly the ONLY valid background check system I’d be willing to stand for is an endorsement on a state ID. And this is not a voluntary endorsement, this is simply a “Go” or “No Go” tag, code, or barcode that simply says this person is not a prohibited person. This is a win-win for all sides (given that the antis aren’t liars and they really do care about gun sales to prohibited people), everybody gets their background check, there is NO way for the government or 3rd parties to track gun ownership to the individual, there is no bottleneck that can be broken or disabled by the government that would de-facto ban or restrict the free and legal trade of private property, and 3rd parties get a system THEY can use as well to save expenses on various background checks or vetting. Freedom lovers get to recruit people who suddenly realize that that joint they were caught with in college, or some other minor crime they committed in their youth gave them the modern-day scarlet letter.

Its all wins, and this plan is NOTHING new, its been talked about on the internet for over a decade, and bills submitted to congress!

This is a prime example of an easy compromise where all parties win. Gunnies get to be able to buy and sell guns with the same difficulty of buying a pack of smokes or a bottle of booze (ie you need to show your ID to prove the sale is legal), Anti-Gun people get their “universal background checks”, and an avenue to easily punish people who sell or give access to guns to criminals, as its hard to argue that one couldn’t just LOOK at a positive ID before the transfer, and we ALL get the piece of mind that we’re all doing the right thing, both morally, and in the eyes of the law.

And yet the forces of gun control oppose this idea with all their being. Why? Because they don’t care a WIT about background checks, they just want to ban guns, and bills like the defeated Manchin-Toomey are just an avenue for banning all guns in America which is their ONLY goal.

Same can be said about “Public Safety”…violent crime is in a 40 year low right now, and gun ownership is the highest its ever been, both in raw numbers, and per-capita. Further concealed carry is the most wide-spread its been since the first carry bans were enacted against Blacks and Native Americans 200 years ago! Also permits are issued to more people and at the highest rates EVER. That’s REAL Public Safety, and if legal guns aren’t causing the violent crime drop (which they very well may not be) they are NOT an issue worthy of public safety concern.

The anti-rights forces are liars, and they simply do not care about any public interests they claim to support. They ARE coming for your guns and EVERYBODY needs to know this.

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