“Gun Death” Beaten Into a Coma

Attorney beaten into a coma!

Dallas police are asking for the public’s help in finding whoever beat a corporate attorney so badly that he is now in a medically induced coma….According to online updates posted by his sister, Falgoust is in a medically induced coma with multiple skull fractures and severe bleeding on his brain.

Dallas police said they don’t believe robbery was a motive for the attack because Falgoust still had his cellphone and wallet on him at the hospital.

No word on if this beating was with a weapon, or with bare hands and feet. My Father-in-Law was a criminal attorney for the first part of his life. Part of the job was putting bad people in prison for horrible crimes. What came with this was death threats on him and his family. Since he practiced in Vermont it simply meant he could drop his .357 into his pocket without need to demand permission from his government. He never needed to pull the gun.

I wish this guy had had a gun, as nobody deserves this. Hey, but we need to ban guns, right?

h/t Bob

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