“Gun Death” Bow

On a College Campus!

According to police, Krumm’s son entered the college with a special hunting bow he had hidden under a blanket. First he proceeded to where his dad’s girlfriend was giving class and stabbed here several times. She was found dead outside the college with several knife wounds.

He then went to the classroom where his dad was teaching and shot an arrow in his father’s head.

Despite being critically injured, Mr. Krumm diverted the attention of his son from the students to himself by beginning a fight with him, thereby allowing the 6 students to run out of the classroom unhurt.

Once the students were safe, Mr. Krumm stopped fighting. His son then administered a fatal stabbing to himself, taking his own life.

Maybe they should be “Bow and Knife-Free Zones”…or maybe they shouldn’t be hunting grounds for the cowardly and insane.

h/t Nancy

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  1. Archer says:

    I can see the press releases now: “Why do you NEED a ‘special hunting bow’, except for hunting?”

    In this case, it was apparently for hunting. The goblin successfully bagged his limit of innocent humans … in a policy-mandated hunting preserve for the criminally insane. He was able to take his “Fudd”-approved “huntin’ bow” and seek out the prey he wanted. At leisure. It’s not like anyone would/could stop him.

    Sorry, I prefer to have the means to fight back without taking an arrow to the head.

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