“Gun Death” Bowling Ball

Well this is quite the story:

A 23-year-old New Jersey man was beaten to death Saturday during a massive brawl that erupted in a Piscataway bowling alley.

Jamont Atkins, of Newark, has died after someone threw a bowling bowl at his head in the melee inside Stelton Lanes, which hosted the College Bowling Bash party.

At around 1.30am, police responded to reports of fistfights inside the venue packed with some 257 party-goers….So far, no arrests have been made in connection to Atkins’ death, but Newark police detective Todd Ritter told the Star-Ledger that investigators are looking to talk to ‘people of interest,’

The “Common Sense” solution for this is to ban bowling alleys and any non-nerf balls!

h/T Bob

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  1. We’ve also got to ban the Nerf Balls as well.

    On 18 January 1976, Jeffrey Kmieciak was playing basketball with a Nerf Ball in the floor lobby of his college dorm when he went through a plate glass window and fell 6 stories to his death:

    “Fall is Fatal,” Beaver County Times, 19 January 1976, p. 1 [http://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=2002&dat=19760119&id=5fMuAAAAIBAJ&sjid=UtsFAAAAIBAJ&pg=6085,3947038]

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