“Gun Death” Caseworker Stabbed

Have a look at this story:

An inexperienced health care caseworker who visited a client at his home knew there was something that made her “very uncomfortable” about the 53-year-old man, even writing in his file that two people should visit him in the future.

Yet 25-year-old Stephanie Ross went alone to Lucious Smith’s apartment Monday morning, and police said the ex-con with a history of violence inexplicably chased her down the street, stabbing her to death with a butcher knife.

So many layers of wrong here. First we have a violent Ex-Con in a home with sharp objects. We have a case worker who likely would be fired for carrying a gun on the job (and in the field where such a termination would prevent them from further work in the field), and we have an implement that I would say ALL of us have, and somehow manage not to commit violent murders.

These home visits make the caseworker’s job terribly dangerous, as the clients are likely of a higher risk group, the clients control the environment of the visit, and likely the visit comes with a certain level of animosity.

Hey, but like so-called “Assault Weapons”, most people own kitchen knives without causing horrible crimes, and we all have good use for them. And we have violent criminals out and about without supervision.

What can you expect?


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