“Gun Death” Divorce

I wonder why she was planning to divorce him!

A Foxborough man was arraigned from his hospital bed on Tuesday, accused in a violent beating that left his estranged wife in a coma.

Julie Saltis was in a medically induced coma after police say her husband, Glen, used a weapon to brutally beat her in their Ridge Road home early Monday.

He was in the hospital because he attempted to drown himself after he severely beat his wife.

Unfortunately he didn’t succeed at killing himself, as Massachusett’s Justice System will likely take into account that this isn’t a “Gun Death” and give him a gentle slap on the wrist.

h/t Jay

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  1. TS says:

    Off topic random thought of the day: of all the recent scandles, is the NSA one the only scandle where Obama didn’t say, “I found out about this when all you did- on the news.”

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