“Gun Death” Double Murder

You won’t hear about this brutal double-murder from the anti gun forces because it wasn’t a “Gun Death”.

Norfolk Police have charged a 16-year-old male with two counts of second degree murder in connection with the stabbing deaths of Carol and Wayne Parker on Thursday.

Police are not releasing any more information as he is a juvenile. The motive remains under investigation.

Whatever the motive, it wasn’t worth it.

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  1. ProudHillbilly says:

    For some reason I was thinking about a particular murder in WV from the ’60s today, and then I thought about your “gun death” series. One Ray Mullenax, resident of the Terra Alta, WV, area disappeared in December of 1965. For some reason someone figured out that the burned bones found in an ash pile on his farm were not those of any domestic or hunted species of animal. They were human. Turned out that his wife, Vonda, fed him arsenic in his morning coffee for months. That not working, and Ray apparently being a mean and violent SOB, she garrotted him in their bed and burned his body.

    Vonda was convicted of first degree murder, but couldn’t stand being separated from their children and managed to escape 8 times to visit them. She was paroled after only 11 years and returned to Terra Alta, where, as of about 2010, she was still living and highly regarded by family.

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