“Gun Death” Four Rules

I’ve been spending some time shooting flies with my Salt Gun, and even with a bright yellow toy gun, my finger stays off the trigger and my muzzle is in a safe direction. Hell I’m even careful of what’s beyond the target in case there is something that the salt can hurt behind where I’m making my shot.

Anything that behaves like a gun should be treated like one.

An 18-month-old Georgia boy is dead after being shot in the chest with a BB gun and his father has been charged with felony murder, police say.

The toddler’s father, Jesse Sellers, 23, reportedly told police he was playing with the gun when it accidentally went off, MyFoxAtlanta.com reported. Sellers has been charged with second-degree cruelty to children and felony murder.

Who knows if this was really an accident, and how it went down, but this is another example of how gun safety classes could save lives. Even when the device isn’t a gun.

I wonder if because its a BB Gun if the antis will call this a “Gun Death”?


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