“Gun Death” Schoolyard Fist Fight

The “Gun Death” zealots like to claim that if guns somehow don’t exist then anti-social aggressive people will settle their differences with “Harmless” Fist fights!

How harmless are they?

A Texas high school student who was air-lifted to a hospital after a fist fight in school Tuesday has died, a school official confirmed to CBS affiliate KHOU.

Police said emergency responders found the 15-year-old victim knocked unconscious and bleeding from the face Tuesday inside Canyon High School in New Braunfels.

Not for this poor boy, he was beaten to death by another student. Not a “Gun Death”, so not relevant when talking about violence in our schools?

H/T Wallphone

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One Response to “Gun Death” Schoolyard Fist Fight

  1. rd says:

    Sounds more like he was ambushed, or a victim of the “knock-out game.”

    “According to ABC affiliate KVUE, police say the victim was punched twice by another teen as he exited a classroom. The victim reportedly did not have a chance to defend himself.”

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