“Gun Death” Starting Young

Amazing that this could even happen.

Marine was charged in the slaying after authorities found Amanda’s body in a creek behind Marine’s house in Smyrna, Del. Amanda, a fourth grader whom prosecutors said Marine had been seen playing with the day of the slaying, also lived in Smyrna.

Marine may be the youngest person to stand trial for first-degree murder in Delaware, according to state Justice Department officials. In April, that distinction will go to LaToya Thompson, 14, of Wilmington, who at age 13 was arrested in the strangulation and suffocation death of her pregnant mother.

Marine allegedly beat and strangled Amanda on Nov. 20, 1987, during an argument over which of them had the right to play in the area near the creek, according to testimony from a psychologist during a July pretrial hearing.

No guns used, and it was just a child who did the murdering. Hey, but only “Gun Deaths” count!

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