Images of the Antis: Two Pack

First up comparing Universal Background Checks to ID Checks for Voting:

Fantastic straw man with some nice stereotypes to boot! First we have a false dichotomy. All people who want to prevent voting fraud want to confirm is that you are the person who you are taking the ballot for. All you need for that is a State or Government Issued ID. Most commonly a driver’s license, but a state ID, Military ID, Passport or carry permit works fine too. These are cheap, easy and frankly next to impossible to live in America without. You need to show a photo ID to buy a drink of alcohol or tobacco, or enter an establishment that has an age restriction. Most employers require positive ID. You also need positive ID to fly, and to board trains like Amtrak or buses like Greyhound. Also while some private lodging might not require positive ID, major hotel chains sure do. Also I don’t know any landlord that does NOT require photo ID for people signing a lease.

The list could go on, but essentially EVERYBODY living in America needs some form of positive photo ID, so the ID that this would even inconvenience lawful voters is laughable, and frankly I can say with DEEP confidence, that the only people who are against Positive ID voting are proponents for voter fraud. The biggest support is their other party line items. National single-payer healthcare, welfare, public housing, free phones, free food at school, etc. They want to essentially subsidize EVERYTHING….except free photo ID for legal voters.

Now let’s look at “Universal Background Checks”, I put the quotes in there because of course nothing in “Universal”, because in places like Massachusetts where all legal gun sales must be done through the state in one way or another (and while I need to show my LTC to buy guns and ammo, I still need a phone call to NICS before I leave with my gun…unless I’m buying a gun with my 03 FFL, then I just need to show my permit in the state of Massachusetts), there are still lots of ILLEGAL gun sales going on all the time.

We’re not talking just showing an ID, cash and carry, we’re talking about a phone call into the NICS system and some paperwork filled out. Not only is that part a pain (remember you buy a gun on your own time, you generally vote in a 12 hour window on ONE specific day) but if the system goes down, as it did last Black Friday, no sales can legally occur. Remember that made-up story of Florida Voters in 2000 being turned away from the poll so George W. Bush could “Steal” The election? No evidence was found of that actually happening, but that actually happens on a semi-regular basis for FFL NICS sales!

Now also the artist is ignorant of federal law. We have this law Called GCA 1968 where selling guns privately across state lines is illegal (also selling handguns in any way across state lines is also illegal, even WITH a valid background check). Now there is no text in the law that states that ID is required, but prosecution of this law is about knowledge of a crime being committed. So essentially the easiest way to sell a gun to an unknown person is to have them display some positive ID. Many others take this further by retaining a copy of the ID and filling out a bill of sale.

Of course if the two people know each other well, that’s cash and carry, but that is also not an issue anybody is bringing up.

Onto the next one that also involves Background Checks:

This REALLY shows the anti-freedom cult’s fixation with “Gun Death” because the artist is AGREEING with the sentiment that guns don’t kill people, people do. But at the same time, the author is doing EXACTLY the behavior I shame in the “Gun Death?” Files. Ignoring all other methods of murder and assault in favor of focusing on “Gun Death” as the cause of all death in the universe.

If the artist REALLY believes that Guns indeed don’t kill people (they don’t) and people do, then they’d be demanding NICS checks on ALL SALES of all but the most soft and gentle items. Hammers also kill people, so background checks for those? Kitchen Knives also kill people, so background checks for those? Cars also kill people, so background checks for those? Steel Toed Boots also kill people, so background checks for those? The list goes on.

Really if this person REALLY believes what they say, then ALL people who can’t pass a NICS check; and let’s not mince words, they also want people on the so-called “Terror Watch List” (which happens to contain very few actual terrorists, and mostly lawful citizens) or who have undergone any form of mental health treatment to also flunk a NICS check, should be locked up in solitary confinement forever, because these are the people who allegedly “kill people”.

Of course that’s foolishness…but what’s more foolish, that or this person who ACTUALLY belives that guns are the thing that kills people and “Gun Death” is the only form of peril in the world.

Oh and bonus points for drawing the Dad brushing the bore of a lever gun with the action closed and the muzzle pointed at his chest. Not only is this impractical, but its wicked dangerous and a violation of the four rules of gun safety…which the anti-rights cult are opposed to people being taught!

Good Job Antis!

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4 Responses to Images of the Antis: Two Pack

  1. The_Jack says:

    The same requirements?

    So they’d be okay with the poll worker calling in an NICS check before a person could vote and having each polling location keep a paper copy of your ballot?

    Also gotta love the “Voting Rights Act” dogwhistle. Even in THAT cartoon the Antis still think Voter ID is racist.

    It’s rather fascinating. So far I have not found an anti who does not think Voter ID is racist, and had been able to explain why Voter ID is verboten but Universal Background checks are racist.

    I mean if you accept the premise that requiring showing of ID to exercise one right is disenfranchisement along racial lines then how is the same racist result not going to happen if you require showing of ID to exercise another right?

    Heck the way US law is setup you can only get *used* guns through private sales. Where to get a new gun you have to go through NICS. If voter ID is racist, then the status quo has to be racist too?

    The easy answer for an anti is, admittedly, close to what the first cartoon did.
    “Of course I support Voter ID, as the NICS check shows the State can check for ID before someone does a right without undo harm. And if the State can do it for all voters and is already doing it for some guns, then why not for all guns and all voters?”

    And yet… the anti’s I’ve talked to can’t bring them to say that.

    But even that first comic thinks Voter ID is racist (Hint, Deep South store & Voting rights act getting in the way).

  2. Thirdpower says:

    And the nice bigoted stereotyping of the drawing. The slovenly, ignorant ‘NRA’ member vs the ‘intellectual’ youth.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Hadn’t even noticed that. Yeah kid has combed hair, pressed shirt, and smart little glasses, while Dad is Jeans-and-T-Shirt slob fare.

      Of course talk to any Doctor, Lawyer, Corporate Officer or Professor on the weekend, and most of them will pass for a derelict when they aren’t required the suit and tie for the weekend.

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