Images of the “Progressives”: Global Warming

Man I’m disgusted by the religion of “Global Climate Change”…or whatever the Socialists in America want to call the Environmental reason to go full-fascist these days.

Ahh the ignorance of over-simplification. As a former (and frankly I’m still am by world view) field biologist, I’m all for being as gentle on the environment as possible. Still in absolute values that’s impossible. If we want to live in this world in modern conveniences we’re going to have an impact on the environment. Hell its not like all these calls for fascist seizing of private companies, regulation of industry, and pushing of “Green technology” does not come from the fairly environmentally neutral flyover country, but the big cities. You know, the ones that are constantly dealing with clean water, pollution, destruction of green spaces, and trans and sewage issues.

Further we have to look at all the “Green Jobs” and other “Green” initiatives. We have wind farms and solar farms that do massive alterations to their environments because they take up MASSIVE amounts of space and use harmful chemicals and elements to make their power sources, meanwhile they are heavily dependent on government subsidies because the energy they produce is so anemic and expensive they can’t survive in a true free-market system.

Also add in the huge amount of money dumped into companies like Solyndra The GM Volt and Tesla who have soaked up millions of tax monies but have yet to produce a publicly viable product.

Also we have things like the political press for Hybrid and Electric cars which are dubiously efficient and take most of their power from coal and other non-green energy sources, and employ tons of toxic metals that need to be mined for what is a net harm to the Environment.

Meanwhile little is said about the amazing crop of small commuter cars being produced by various auto makers that actually create very good gas mileage in cars that are very usable for American lifestyles.

All of this is placed on the blind faith that indeed the world is being destroyed by our interaction to it. Leading to the next set of images.

No citation on the study, or what exactly entails “pushing climate change denial”, I’m suspecting that if these numbers are accurate its different groups opposing fraudulent regulation as cited above.

Still where did the imaged used in that come from? Well NASA satellite data. How much money was dumped into this research? Of course we know government entities are encouraged through increased funding to agree with the zealots that indeed we are killing the world, even when that means outright fraud.

How much money was dumped into the Climate Research Cabal that conspired to push bogus science in order to get more and more grant money from a government hungry to push regulation?

Last up some rock-solid fear-mongering:

Oh no! The Earth as a cracked desert pavement! Is this true? Of course not, but we must have FAITH!!!! Climate Change as a doomsday is nothing but a cult!

Only one side of this argument cares about the environment, and the side lining their pockets are the religious fanatics pushing these propaganda images.

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