It Can’t Happen To You

Random Killings

Investigators told reporters Wednesday they believe the case of a baby who was fatally shot in his stroller during an alleged robbery attempt by a teenager was random — something they hadn’t said previously…According to the indictment, the teenager shot the 13-month-old baby in the face while trying to rob the child’s mother. The indictment also charges the suspect with shooting another person in an unrelated robbery attempt earlier this month.

Gun control won’t stop any of this. The gun wasn’t an “Assault Weapon”, nor was it even a centerfire gun, or even a semi-auto. The shooter is 15 years old, and without any other prior convictions is, too young to own a handgun, and two young to get the required carry permit to carry a handgun. He would not pass any background checks, and it is totally illegal for ANYBODY to sell, give, or give unsupervised access to a firearm.

And this is without getting into that whole robbing and murdering thing, which is also illegal. Also it appears we have now three victims in two robberies that are not gang related or known to the shooter.

Hey but those who will proudly use these “Gun Deaths” to push their agendas
, when their laws do nothing to protect who they claim to care about.

All they care about is banning guns.

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