Like Taking Sex Advice From a Priest

Biden gives self-defense “Advise”

Ummm, I’d disagree! First up, shotgun spread isn’t Hollywood. Have a look here!

At most defensive distances shotgun pellets aren’t going to spread enough to make a difference in hitting your target, so missing is still and option. Makes his “Double Barrel” argument a little less comforting. Large capacity shotguns are in the crosshairs of being banned. Further I suspect if Biden has ever fired a shotgun, it has to have been with dove or skeet loads, because the buckshot loads used defensively by police and military offer as much recoil of many of the African calibers suited for elephant! (Further the fast-burning powders used in shot-shells can compound that recoil)

Sorry, Joe, but if I had to train somebody to safely and accurately defend themselves, the easiest guns to keep ammo on target with defensive uses are semi-auto rifles in intermediate calibers (5.56×45, 7.62×39, and .300 BLK are strike me as ideal options) and semi-auto pistol caliber carbines in your standard calibers are hands down the easiest guns to quickly become proficient in.

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17 Responses to Like Taking Sex Advice From a Priest

  1. I’d like to take him to the range and have him give a demonstration. I’ll bring my Stoeger Coach Gun (recoil pad removed). I’ll put some 3″ 00 buck in it. And I’ll watch him not be able to use his arm for two weeks.

    I still like my shotgun for home defense, but it’s definitely not what I would suggest to someone small or inexperienced, and I know the limitations of the weapon.

    As soon as I get some .223 loaded up and practice more with my AR, I might change weapons.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Nothing wrong with a shotgun for home defense. (Tho unless you’re placing well in Cowboy Action Shoots, I would recommend against a double)

      Yeah, I have a Mossberg 590 which is a swell trench gun for lots of uses. Tho I remember the first time I took advantage of the 3″ chamber.

      I decided to stick with the 2.75″ shells for practical use! :). And that’s coming from a guy who carries. 45 +P ammo in his 20oz pocket pistol!

      • Lazy Bike Commuter says:

        Yeah, the sxs is definitely not my primary defense gun. I bought it mostly because I think it’s awesome. After I got it though, I realized it’s a perfect road trip gun. It breaks down to 20″ long and will fit very well in my duffel bag with no one being the wiser, so it will be good for hotels and such. But for home, the Mossberg 500 is the winner, with my wife armed with the AR.

        If I can ever get Saturdays off at work I will definitely be trying some cowboy action with it. That just looks FUN.

        I expected 3″ buckshot to be maybe a little bit worse recoil than my Mosin-Nagant. I was mistaken. The coach gun had no recoil pad at all and weighs about 6.5lbs. I don’t think I’ve ever been hit as hard by anything as that gun got me in recoil. Now it wears a Limbsaver and will only be fed 2.75″ shells.

        Now I have this plan to put 3″ in both barrels and hand it to someone I don’t like, and tell them they have to pull both triggers at once as a safety feature. Only I think my stock might get damaged when they drop it.

  2. Pyrotek85 says:

    Good advice Biden, suggest the weapon that women/elderly/infirm will have the most difficulty with, while also giving them just two shots to save themselves. Then when they fail to effectively defend themselves you can tell us how useless guns are in self defense.

  3. Bubblehead Les says:

    Easiest way to deal with what comes out of Joe’s Mouth: Do the Opposite. For EVERYTHING!

  4. Wally says:

    Hey I have a side by side for home defense. It’s a pretty nice shotgun. In fact it is so nice, that I have a few AR15s around to protect the shotgun….

  5. Kristophr says:

    Actually, the best home self-defense weapon would be a pistol caliber sub-machinegun with a 3 round burst fire selector switch.

    Preferable one small enough to be used one-handed while calling 911. Put a laser sight on it as well.

    If Slow Joe really wanted to help out frightened home-owners, he should declare everyone with a CCW a militia-person, and issue them one.

  6. Geodkyt says:

    No Kristophr, I still hold with a selective fire AR, 14.5″ upper, and a suppressor (muzzle brake and flash hider in one!)

    JHP pistol bullets (especially from SMG or longer barrel) are too dangerous to my neighbors, compared to M193 ball.

    The militia should be allowed to buy M4s & modern suppressors at government cost. (I don’t agree with stimulating the militia with Obamaguns — next thing you know, people will be demanding free cell phones, free health care, etc.)


  7. Archer says:

    [sarcasm] Yep, the double-barreled shotgun is so awesome for self-defense, all the police, SWAT, and FBI teams are trading in their 18.5″ 8+1 pumps for 24″ SxSs.

    What? They’re not!? If they’re so great, why the hell not!? [/sarcasm]

    In other words, Uncle Joe is lying.

    Of course, the astute observer could tell that immediately. He has a tell, you see – a give-away, a facial cue that indicates he’s not being completely honest. In the video, if you look reeeaaally close, you can see it.

    His lips are moving.

  8. Joe in PNG says:

    Of course that just means that ” double barrel assault shotguns shooting spreads of child murdering buckshot” will be the next object of hate for the anti’s to ban.

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