More on Police And “Weapons of War”

LaRue Tactical thinks that if they’re too dangerous for private citizens, then maybe Cops shouldn’t have them either!

The Second Amendment has always had fair-weather friends. LaRue Tactical, manufacturers of firearms and firearm accessories, is one company that will never be accused of being our fair-weather friend. When New York State passed its unconstitutional anti-gun law, LaRue swung into action. In a move reminiscent of Barrett Firearms’ banning of all sales to California law enforcement ( after California banned .50BMG rifles, LaRue has stated that it will not sell anything to local law enforcement that it can’t sell to you and me.

Good on them! This in on the Heels of Barrett Firearms who has refused to do business with any state that bans the sale of their products to citizens. There is also the requests this:

The NYPD allows officers to select one of three firearms for duty carry: (

• SIG P226 (

• Smith & Wesson 5946 (

• Glock 19 (

All of these pistols are equipped with a greater than 7-round magazine, making them illegal for sale to law-abiding New York residents.

I think sending letters is worth the effort, tho Glock is Austrian, and therefore fine with NOT selling their citizens the arms they make, and they have a history of being less than friendly to civilian sales. SIG is German, but the American subsidiary certainly gains a TON from US Sales. While S&W no longer makes the 5946, I suspect they still sell parts and magazines to the Police, and they make killer AR-15 rifles in their M&P line. Also S&W got burned BAD by their corroboration with the anti-gun Clinton Administration, and their current reps are very fast to point out that it was a regrettable situation in the past.

Also don’t forget that all three companies sell to other states like Massachusetts where their products are not allowed for civilians to own or buy.

Make your voice heard!

h/t Sean

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  1. If you click the top link, you will be taken to the alert. It provides the email addresses for the people we want to get them.

    SIG is Swiss.

  2. Brad_in_MA says:


    Magpul is facing a similar scenario in Colorado. They’ve posted on their facebook page that if any of a number of varying gun control proposals similar to what NY enacted are also enacted in Colorado, Magpul will close up shop on July 1, 2013 and MOVE TO TEXAS.

    – Brad

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