More Paypal Being Anti-Gun

From Less I got this email:

My Buddy the Surplus Dealer just got notified by PayPal this morning that they will no longer allow Hi-Cap Magazine Sales to be processed by them. It’s not just him, but the Big Boys also. Also, it doesn’t matter where it goes or who’s buying it, the sale is Blocked. Help spread the word, okay?

Doesn’t matter if its dealer-to-dealer, or into a free-state where not only are these magazines allowed, but the police have openly said they will not enforce new federal anti-gun laws.

This isn’t just a political move, but a STUPID political move.

As Les Said, Spread the word!


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5 Responses to More Paypal Being Anti-Gun

  1. Erin Palette says:

    I would happily switch to another universal online payment method, but so far as I know, there isn’t one.

  2. Bubblehead Les says:

    Thanks Brother Beard! Actually, it’s worse. What happened is that Paypal decided to go through my Buddy’s ENTIRE Website without ANY Notification, THEN they FROZE his Account because he was selling Hi-Caps, Kubatons, and Saps (the Saps were in his LEO ONLY Section, send on Dept. Letterhead, etc). THEN they notified him. I’ll read part of the eMail they sent him.

    “Unfortunately the limitation on your account cannot be lifted yet and your appeal has been DENIED! Unfortunately adding a disclaimer to the violating items will not be enough as the user would still be able to purchase the item using Paypal. In order to comply with OUR “Acceptable Use Policy” and return your account to good standing, YOU WILL NEED TO REMOVE THOSE ITEMS THAT VIOLATE PAYPALS ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY……..Sincerely, Amy, Paypal BRAND RISK MANAGEMENT, Paypal, an EBAY COMPANY.” Contact is [email protected].

    So, like a lot of little guys out there, because of the large amount of Cash needed to set up Business Credit Card Services, most of his Online Sales used Paypal. The rest was Check or Money Order. What screwed him was that they would NOT, repeat NOT Process any Sales Transactions AT ALL, even if it is PERFECTLY LEGAL to buy, sell and trade Hi-Capacity Magazines. Heck, my Buddy even set up a Notice that HE was freezing all Sales to New York State because he didn’t want to take the chance that New York might issue a Warrant for his Arrest for “Illegal Sales of Gunny Stuff to the State’s Serfs.” But he couldn’t even sell a single used Canteen Cup through Paypal!

    So, to continue to do Business, he removed the LEGAL ITEMS from his Site, and got his Account “Unfrozen.” Now, think about this. What would happen if Visa or Mastercard or American Express came out and said, WITHOUT WARNING that they would no longer process ANY Firearms Transactions/Purchases? AND Your Card is FROZEN until YOU pay the Dealer in Cash!

    Oh, BTW, did you know that Paypal holds 30% of your accounts funds for up to 6 months?

    What may sound a little “Tin Foil,” but makes sense is that the Guy from eBay is a BIG Obama Supporter. And Joe Biden said a couple of days ago that he would like to see a Hi-Cap Ban come into effect before an AWB. And Paypal is a Division of eBay. Think about it.

    My Buddy said this is not just him, but he’s hearing from his Competition that they are getting the same Shaft from Paypal. But do you think the Big Guys who take Paypal will allow 5-10% of their Online Sales be shut down while they purge their sites of Hi-Caps? Yeah, I’m sure that’ll happen.

    I don’t know what it’ll take to reverse this, but right now, I’m thinking someone out there who has “Lawyers and Money” needs to look into this. We already have the Guns. But what’s next? Online Ammo Sales?

    Thanks once again, Bro.

  3. The Jack says:

    This is in par with them suspending accounts that sell gay literature.

    It’s “funny” how much of gun control is really that neo-puritian horror that “Somewhere, someone is having fun.” We can’t have “those people” using our products.

    And as a bit of irony, the last time I used PayPal it was for a magazine purchase. I know! Maybe they should ban person to person funds transfers!

  4. Roadkill says:

    Magazines are bad, but didn’t Pay Pal get its start from the money from the Russian Mafia? Yeah, money for gun related products are bad, but money from pimping teenaged girls who kidnapped, drugged, and virtually raped to death is A-fucking-OK for those scum?

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