Morning Video: Rule of Law

Via Endo this amazing video!

First up hats off to Ken Hanson of Buckeye Firearms Association. As much as I love educating the masses, I’m TERRIFIED of these telecast interviews. You aren’t in the same room as the person who is hostile to you, but to all the world it appears as such, so you’re cut off and REALLY need to be solid on your points.

Mr. Hanson was solid as bedrock! Well done!

Mr. Morgan, well he has ZERO respect for the rule of law. Ironic given that he’s a statist wanting MORE laws that I assume he won’t respect either…but maybe expect others to follow?

Why not raise money for the Martin Family? Well maybe they still have that S&W Sigma Martin illegally owned (note the network source for that, Piers). And why raise money for the Martins? I mean for George Zimmerman to be found justified in shooting Martin, Martin needed to have been reasonably assumed to be a deadly threat to Zimmerman that night.

Morgan keeps bantering as if somehow Zimmerman’s Acquittal still leaves him worthy of punishment. Is it the rule of law he’s against, or is he against lawful self defense?

In the end Morgan is leading the Lynch Mob that will eventually murder George Zimmerman…or anybody else he sees as a threat to his statist ways, so is there any doubt WHY he wants us all disarmed?

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3 Responses to Morning Video: Rule of Law

  1. Bubblehead Les says:

    BFA does OUTSTANDING work expanding the RKBA here in Ohio.

    And they do it in spite of our NRA D Rated RINO former U. S. Senator Mike DeWine who is the current A.G.

    So Hanson taking on Piers is just a practice session for what they have to do with SOME of our State’s Politicians.

  2. Cargosquid says:

    “Is it the rule of law he’s against, or is he against lawful self defense?”

    Being that he is the stereotypical modern brit….the answer is YES.

  3. TS says:

    He did fantastic. And here I thought Morgan is only willing to go up against mouth foamers like Alex Jones. My only complaint is that he didn’t rip into Piers for using “gun death” as a the success metric (but there’s never enough time to address all that is wrong with Piers), and he could have handled the “AWB worked” rebuttal better.

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