Nobody is Immune to Mistakes

Sootch shares some gun malfs in the video including two Negligent discharges.

One thing to note that while he messed up in both the NDs, because he kept the muzzle in a safe direction the only harm is his pride. I’ve had two NDs in my history, both were in hot ranges, with the gun in a safe direction. I also had an honest-to-goodness Accidental discharge when racking the slide of a custom target 1911. The 1911’s trigger was so light that my rough handling of the slide was enough to get the trigger to trip with my finger off of it.

Again with the gun in a safe direction the only harm was my calm and my pride.

Even when severe accidents like this happen, guns are still very safe. Remember those four rules, and live your life by them!

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  1. AuricTech says:

    Over at 300BlkTalk, there’s a thread about someone who inadvertently fed a 300BLK round into a .223 AR. Fortunately, nobody was hurt in the ensuing kaboom.

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