Register Guns Like Cars

Just Though I’d post a pair of videos about a car Adam Carolla bought that was previously owned by Paul Newman.

The safety features are all dictated by the racing league. The car has no DOT safety features and is not road legal. It doesn’t meet emission standards, even the extra crazy California ones, and likely isn’t registered or inspected by the state.

Yet he owns it perfectly legally, and transports it to the track to race. Let’s talk more about registering cars like guns!

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2 Responses to Register Guns Like Cars

  1. Geodkyt says:

    And, Corolla transporting it to the track on a flatbed or in a trailer is a LOT more like peaceful CCW than peaceful CCW is like driving down a public street.

    Corolla could stop any damned where he likes, put the car on teh road, and start driving.

    If he does so just for the Hell of it on a public street, it’s against the law.

    If he does so because there’s a tsunami coming and the tow vehicle just blew out its head gasket, it is not a crime. Even if Corolla has no driver’s license. The necessity of saving his life trumps the lack of registration or possession of a permission slip.

    If I am peacefully wearing my pistol, and all of a sudden I whip it out and start waving around and blasting random scenery in town for the Hell of it, it’s a crime.

    If I pull out my pistol because there’s a guy with a machete who wants me to share my wealth, or I am cornered by a pack of feral dogs, it is not a crime. The necessity of saving of my life should (but generally doesn’t, under current laws) trump the lack of registration or possession of a permission slip.

  2. TS says:

    I want the same level of punishment as we have for cars. When I got pulled over for having plates that were expired by several months I got a ticket. Actually, it wasn’t even a ticket- it was a “fix-it-ticket”. It turns into a fine if I don’t prove my registration within the next 90 days. Yes, let’s treat guns like cars. “Sir, here’s you firearm back. You ought to get that registered soon. Have a nice day.”

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