Rights Vs. Privileges

I had to renew my Driver’s license this year. Went into the RMV (which thankfully has offices open on the weekend so I didn’t need to take time off) waited maybe 2 hours, gave them ONE page of paperwork, got my picture taken, and was given a paper license that was good for one month after my old one expires.

didn’t need it, it took two weeks to get the new one.

Now last year I needed to renew my Mass LTC. I had to take time off of work and submit 3 pages of paperwork. According to law my old permit was good for 90 days after expiration if I was in the renewal process…but all I had to show was an expired permit. I needed almost all of those 90 days as it took SIX MONTHS to get my permit back.

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Shameful on how this system works here.

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  1. Bob S. says:

    Guess I’m one of those ‘extremist’ types that views a Driver’s license as an infringement of our rights; definitely not a privilege. The 9th Amendment is clear — we don’t have to list every right.

    You ready to move to Texas yet?
    We just reduced the renewal no class, no proficiency exam required, can be done online. Unfortunately I had to renew before that so I sent mine in the first week of April and had it back the first week in May. Texas gives the poor and Veterans (often a large overlap) a 50% discount on their licenses.

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