The “Popular Support” of Gun Control

Leading a Colorado Senator to fall on her own sword, rather than face imminent humiliation for those who she allegedly represents!

A Democratic Colorado state senator resigned Wednesday to avoid a possible recall election over a controversial gun control law that led to the ouster of two of her colleagues earlier this year.

Sen. Evie Hudak, who has represented a district that includes Denver’s western suburbs since 2008, announced her resignation less than a week before opponents planned to submit petitions to recall her.

Calling the decision “difficult,” Hudak said she decided to resign to protect the new gun control legislation and to ensure her constituents would not have to pay for a special election.

“Though it is difficult to step aside, I have faith that my colleagues will honor the legacy my constituents and I have built,” she said in her resignation letter to the Colorado Senate.

Yeah, Democrats are ALWAYS worried about expensive government actions. We know the REAL reason!

Also the anti-gun Zealots are looking for ANY way to claim a victory in Colorado, they’ve been pushing this story:

The people have spoken. And, in the end, the call of Colorado elk and deer was louder.

Concerns over a threatened boycott of Colorado hunting spurred in reaction to new gun laws enacted last spring have been put to rest, now that the state’s primary big game hunting seasons have closed. The much-talked-about boycott was a bust.

“Through the main big game seasons, we were up about 5,000 licenses over last year at this time,” said Randy Hampton, spokesman for Colorado Parks and Wildlife. “Just for deer and elk, we were up by about 6,000. Bear licenses sold were up about 1,400. We sold about 2,800 fewer pronghorn licenses, which brought the overall big game numbers down, but that was primarily because we reduced the quota.”

Final numbers won’t be available until next year, but the initial figures are a positive sign for Colorado’s $1.8 billion hunting and fishing industry. The significance is magnified within CPW, the agency charged with managing the state’s wildlife resources. It draws a significant portion of its operating budget from nonresident big game licenses. The division last year collected $38 million in elk and deer licenses from nonresidents, compared with $7.6 million from in-state hunters.

The biggest revenue generators are nonresident elk licenses, both the $589 limited licenses hunters must apply for and $586 over-the-counter licenses that become available later in the summer. By comparison, a limited elk hunting license for adult Colorado residents costs only $49, and over-the-counter resident licenses are $46.

“Again, we don’t have the final figures, but we know that our net sales dollars are up as well. Pretty substantially,” Hampton said. “Based on that, your gut tells you that nonresident licenses were either stable or up as well. There certainly wasn’t a significant decline because a large number would be noticed on the end result.”

Was the Boycott a flop, or did the recall elections and muscle of the pro-gun forces in Colorado make it irrelevant? To the anti-gunners who read by blog (I know you’re out there), wanna make a bet with me about if the great anti-gun laws passed in Colorado surviving the next political cycle?

The laws are still on the books as I type this, but the writing is on the wall!


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4 Responses to The “Popular Support” of Gun Control

  1. bluesun says:

    2014 isn’t even here yet and we’ve already replaced two Bloomberg lackeys with pro-gun R’s, and while I’m sure Hudak will be replaced with someone equally as tasteless, it is another shot across the bow.

    I hope we can keep up this momentum, because I want to be able to buy some of those 40 rd p-mags!

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Yeah Hudak will have a similar “Progressive” placed in her seat. Still if this appointee wants a HOPE of KEEPING that seat they are going to have to avoid the gun issue at worst, and directly fight it at best.

      Further that seat will have Hudak’s name still on it in the eyes of the electorate. Recalls are hard, voting somebody out of office is relatively easy, and since it looks like Hudak was doomed anyway, the general election will be VASTLY worse.

  2. McThag says:

    Or are hunters just completely clueless about politics?

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Hard to say. Certainly the people who have hunted in their back 40 for decades with a gun that has been in the family for generations, and buy a box of 20 shells every time we change a presidential administration probably don’t know shit about politics, or even what laws are in effect for gun owners.

      Also for the out-of-state people who come to Colorado to hunt year after year, or possibly the life-long hunter who has always wanted to bag a “Big Colorado X”, might not have any idea of politics.

      Still given that they broke records on out-of-state hunting permits, and judging how the gun shops look, and the shooting club firing lines look, I would be surprised if most of those hunters weren’t aware of the law, and the recalls.

      All the polls are starting to say that American gun owners own guns for self defense, over sporting reasons, and I have to imagine a non-trivial number of those hunters weren’t hunting with an AR of some sort.

      All speculation.

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