They Probably Got Him

Looks like the caught a suspect in the New Jersey Home invasion/ Attempted murder.

A suspect wanted in the brutal New Jersey home invasion that was captured on a nanny cam was arrested Friday, authorities said.

The Essex County prosecutor’s office said 42-year-old Shawn Custis was arrested in Manhattan by the prosecutor’s office and the FBI. Custis faces charges of attempted murder, robbery, burglary and child endangerment. A judge set bail at $750,000.

The attack last Friday in Millburn was captured on a hidden camera in the woman’s home. A man can be seen bursting into the home, punching and kicking the woman and throwing her down the stairs while her 3-year-old daughter cowered on a couch.

No word on the prior convictions of the monster…something tells me that was an omission of the reporter. Guys that do this tend to have a decent jacket before they get this savage.


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3 Responses to They Probably Got Him

  1. TS says:

    The antis are happy she didn’t have a gun, otherwise it would have escalated- someone could have been hurt! MikeB expressly says people should take a little beating like this rather than defend yourself with a gun, but we’ll note that they threw an “attempted murder” charge on the suspect.

    That brings up an interesting question. If George Zimmerman didn’t have a gun, and the police showed up and pulled Martin off him- would they have thrown an attempted murder charge on Trayvon?

    • Weerd Beard says:

      They sure would have…and nobody would have heard of the case as it would have been yet another thug killing an innocent man. No news there…just look at Chicago!

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