War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength!

It appears that Stephen Goldstein (no relation to Emmanuel) has been hired for the Ministry of Truth!

The NRA has won the battle but lost the war. The best thing that happened to gun control is its defeat in Congress. Today’s losers (Obama, Democrats, the 90 percent of Americans who support sane legislation) will be tomorrow’s winners. Today’s winners (NRA and its corporate backers and Republican puppets) will be tomorrow’s losers.


Losers: The NRA. Heady with victory, no doubt Wayne LaPierre and his colleagues were belly-laughing, high-fiving, and guzzling down bottles of Dom Perignon to celebrate. After all, they showed the President of the United States who’s boss — or so they think. Surely, for a “job well done,” LaPierre will ask for — and receive — a raise on his $1 million salary….Instead, drunk with power, the NRA stupidly opposed any and all restrictions on gun sales — and violated the first lesson of “war”: Don’t humiliate your defeated enemy. Thinking/knowing that it “owns” Congress, it wouldn’t give an inch. By its hubris and intransigence, it has inflamed its opposition.

Oh I see, the NRA has “Lost” because Mr. Goldstein’s fictitious view of the NRA taking a brash victory lap. Just because it didn’t happen doesn’t mean it isn’t true! Fake but accurate, and all!

So, the next time there is a murderous rampage the NRA will be blamed. And the backlash against it will be unrelenting, fierce — and successful. Congress will cave in to overwhelming public pressure, and we’ll finally get sweeping gun-control legislation, beyond anything that might have passed recently.

Ahh, another anti-rights goon openly hoping for another mass-killing. Yeah because NEXT time the NRA will totally be blamed for mass shootings! Because nobody has ever attempted to blame the NRA for mass shootings, domestic violence, the AIDS virus, and psoriasis!

Next time will be different because stupid people will have forgotten the last time, and DEMAND GUN CONTROL! (That has NOTHING to do with the event they’re citing)

Losers: Congress. A pox on both their houses with the lion’s share going to the tea party/GOP! The country has gotten used to the seamy way(s) in which legislation is passed — or blocked. But it has never taken place in an emotional cauldron, against the backdrop of the murder of innocent children.

Yeah, fuck those Legislators! How dare they do their job, representing the people who elected them!

Members of Congress who have sold out the public will pay the ultimate price when voters get even in 2014.

God reality must hurt! The Legislators who voted against this bill were inundated by calls from their districts demanding they vote against the law. On the contrary, people who support gun control amount to very few, poorly motivated people. This will continue in 2014, and Goldstein will likely have forgotten this article by then…or at least deny its existence.

Losers: Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, and Republicans in general. According to one poll, 94 percent of Floridians support universal background checks. Could Sen. Marco Rubio, the tea party/GOP perceived all-around savior and front-runner for president be in political trouble because he voted against recent gun control legislation?

We covered carpet-baggers and that 90% nonsense here, also I like how Bloomberg’s ads are suddenly and effective weapon when they didn’t do anything to keep the background check, and Assault Weapons bills from being scuttled. Oh well, another bit of revisionist history coupled with cries of “Next TIME!!!!”

Yeah, good luck with that!

Winners: President Obama and Democrats. Gun-control will be a defining issue in the 2014 election: Democrats may retake the House of Representatives and get a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate by targeting anyone who voted or opposed new gun-control legislation, especially if another crazy goes on a mass murderous spree.

This would be true…if gun control was popular. If gun control was popular bills would have been passed. So I don’t think this is going to work out the way you think. Honestly I think the whole gun control chatter is going to vanish soon, as elected officials don’t want an albatross around their necks too close to when the polls open. Still if they do, we’ll be happy to be rid of them. Oh and again, he’s hoping for another spree shooting, because you need to break some eggs to make an omelet!

Winners: Women. Ultimately, mothers will carry the day in getting sweeping gun-control legislation. The anti-gun-control coalition has forgotten that “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” Sen. Dianne Feinstein, former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, the mothers of children slain at Sandy Hook Elementary, and almost every mother in America will be on the warpath until Congress passes meaningful legislation.

Ummm, seen the news recently? Used to be anti-rights activists could depend on women because hunting, sport shooting, and concealed carry were dominated by Men, and further those pro-gun men were mostly in rural areas. Now that self-defense is the most cited reason for gun ownership, and support of the 2nd Amendment, as opposed to hunting, we’re seeing HUGE in-roads in minorities, people who live in urban areas, and women.

Hey just because it isn’t true, doesn’t mean it can’t be so…right?

Winners: The 90 percent. The 90 percent of the American public that supports gun-control will have the last laugh.

Except they probably don’t exist. That 90% number came from a single study, with an N value of 2703, and included questions on gun ownership, which is generally a question 2nd Amendment supporters find distasteful, and I suspect the ardent supporter of the 2nd Amendment excluded themselves from the survey on those grounds. They DID call their legislators, so again, the bill was voted down.

Soon enough NRA will stand for Not Relevant in America. And a whole different crew will be popping open the Dom.

Mr. GoldStein is likely the only person who believes that….and even that I’m not sure.

Pretty impressive for a person to write an article where EVERYTHING is wrong. That actually takes skill!

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8 Responses to War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength!

  1. Bubblehead Les says:

    What’s disturbing is that about 25% of the American Electorate BELIEVE that this Crap is the Truth, and they Vote accordingly.

    All I can say is, when you get to Houston this weekend, enjoy the Champaign!

  2. Borepatch says:

    Gun-control will be a defining issue in the 2014 election

    Pay no attention t unemployment and the Obamacare costs that will fully hit in January 2014. Wonder what color the sky is on his planet.

  3. Eck! says:

    The MiniTrue projects much!
    At first guess and likely actuality is back at the offices is not much more
    than a collective sigh of relief, no celebration, and depressing realization that the
    stupid never stops.

    Most people do want a background check of some sort according to the poll,
    that is NOT however what they GOT and a majority said this is CRAP. Imagined loopholes and gross lies of what laws exist and what they mean are lost on the gun grabbers. They do not reason, and they have the same problem as common
    criminals, that is NO REGARD FOR EXISTING LAWS. The only reason the
    gun grabbers have not done anything illegal (yet) is they do nothing at all rather
    than violate laws.

    In the end its the economy, stupid. The gun grabbers have none of the depth or intelligence to realize that there are priorities and the so called deaths they ascribe
    to guns are eclipsed by so many things, but its THEIR cause, and they are stupid.


  4. McThag says:

    There’s a teensy kernel of truth in there.

    They managed what gun control we got because we got complacent. How many of us were blogging pats on the back about the permanent death of gun control and how it was all skittles and beer from here on out?

    Then NY and CO…

    Stay vigilant.

  5. Thirdpower says:

    Remember all the claims by the Brady Campaign after Heller and how it was a ‘Victory for gun control’?

    Same thing.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Good point, I’d forgotten about all the “Heller was a good decision, and a victory for us!”

      Then quickly they went back to talking about “Collective Rights” and banning the most popular (and “In common use”) guns in the nation.

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