Watch Piers Get Taken Down

Calmly and efficiently.

Every lie countered, every talking point effectively rebutted. This is where you see Weer’ds Golden rule. When somebody says “Let’s Agree to Disagree”, it simply means “I may have lost the argument, but I refuse to admit you’re right.”

Thankfully we don’t need to win the hearts and minds of the British Tories.

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8 Responses to Watch Piers Get Taken Down

  1. Definitely a good job in the interview.

    I have a feeling that I would just end up calling him a Nazi over and over when he started talking over me.

  2. Thirdpower says:

    But Morgan’s buddies in the media are circling the wagons and describing it as a mouth foaming, incoherent rant.

    Shock, I know.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Let them, the interview is short and all over the internet, and from what I’ve noticed on my blog, people prefer watching videos rather than reading transcripts, so the information is out there, and its pretty obvious who won the debate.

      The more they squawk about it, the more people will watch it.

      • Archer says:

        The infamous “Streisand effect”. If only there were a way to consistently, effectively, and intentionally harness it for our use.

        Every time Piers loses his sh!t, and a pro-rights person keeps theirs, it works in our favor. And the quickest way to make him lose it, I’ve noticed, is to bring up the INCREASE in British “gun crime” after the guns were banned.

        I’d like to see someone bring a paper with the graph of British crime rates over time, marked with the point the gun bans took effect, and when Piers starts ranting that it’s a lie, just calmly hold the paper up for the camera. Let the millions of viewers actually SEE the truth.

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  4. TS says:

    He was the opposite of Alex Jones, and that helps. I would have liked to see him take down a few more Piers lies though. When confronted with the fact that these aren’t actually military weapons, antis will often say “yeah, but they can be modified”. Of course none of the guns in these incidents were, but Piers suggested Aurora was modified full auto, and got away with it. He also had several chances to mention how .223 is significantly less powerful than common deer hunting rounds. They keep making it sound like .223 is the more devastating thing ever created. We need to jump all over that lie. Also, more important than saying we can’t pass these guns down to our kids, is to point out how good people will end up in jail over this. Even if they had no intention of defiance, there are tens of millions of guns that will need to be registered under threat of arrest. Some people won’t because they refuse to, other because they didn’t know, and others because they thought they were banning “weapons of war” and not their deer rifle with a thumbhole stock that they have had for 40 years. Good people will go to jail over the actions of a madman (and their have to let out gangbangers to make room). This can not be stressed enough.

    I am not trying to nitpick, he did an excellent job. It is pretty much impossible to say everything that needs to be said even when Piers let his guest talk for a change.

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