Well that Was Interesting

Looks like a prisoner made a grab for an officer’s gun when he was being admitted to Mass General Hospital for medical attention.

A prisoner being guarded by two Middlesex County deputy sheriffs at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary tried to grab a gun from one of the deputies. The gun went off during the deperate struggle, injuring the deputy, but the prisoner was then shot by the second deputy, Boston police said.

The prisoner is in critical condition at Massachusetts General Hospital. The deputy, who was shot in the leg, is also being treated at MGH, Police Commissioner Edward F. Davis said.

When I first heard this story I was wondering how the prisoner got his hand on the deputy’s gun. I haven’t gotten a close look at these officer’s duty holsters, but most of the cops around here have a double-retention holster which I would probably be flummoxed at getting the gun out even with the Cop’s cooperation.

From this story it sounds like the officer was attempting to gain control of the gun in the struggle and gave himself some good old fashioned “Glock Leg”.

The officer will most likely recover…sadly MGH is one of the best hospitals in the nation, so the prisoner will likely recover too.

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