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It’s That Time Again!

Time for another action-packed hour of THE SQUIRREL REPORT!!! We’re going to talk about Winter Disaster for the Rebels in Atlanta. Obama and his executive actions (Bonus, call in would be what would YOUR executive actions be if you were … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” New York

NYC really desn’t have low “Gun Death” it also lots of non-gun deaths. A 21-year-old woman and her two toddler daughters were stabbed to death Sunday night in an apparent triple homicide in Jamaica, Queens, cops said. Deisy Garcia and … Continue reading

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“Less Regulated Than Teddy Bears”

Another lie of the antis. Springfield discovered a problem with the New XDS Pistol. Given that they are “Less Regulated Than Teddy Bears” and the problem likely wasn’t dangerous, nor were there any documented accidental discharges, Springfield did nothing… Yep, … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Maryland Exorcism

Well, even in lands of extreme gun control you get crazy stories: Police in Maryland have charged two women with murder in the deaths of two children who were killed during an apparent exorcism attempt….Police say the two younger children … Continue reading

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Smart Video

The antis have been following The playbook and they aren’t openly fostering a debate or discussing their end game, or what they see as “Reasonable”. The last year shows it isn’t a winning strategy. Too many people are paying attention. … Continue reading

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“Trick” Ammo

Saw this video over at ENDO: Ever since the world departed from basic FMJ, Lead Ball, and soft point into Hollow point ammo, the world has been looking for the “Next Best Thing”. Most of it is hype, like the … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” School Violence

This would be called a “School Shooting” if only it was a “Gun Death” Officials say a 16-year-old student was critically injured in a hammer attack across the street from his Southern California high school. City of Chino spokeswoman Michelle … Continue reading

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More Cross-Podcasting

I was again a guest on the Road Gunner Podcast! It was a ton of fun! Give it a listen!

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Great Story

Jerry is known for Revolver shooting, but he’s also a wizard with a 1911, among other guns. Both my 1911s came to me with Full-length guide rods: Both rods are in the trash somewhere. Of course they aren’t 100% JMB … Continue reading

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Back in the Cold!

Man, when I woke up this morning I knew today was going to hurt! I put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and took little LaWeer’da for a walk around the neighborhood. at 9am it was in the … Continue reading

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