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Sour Grapes from the Antis

Joan has a post up about the NRA Convention. I’m totally missing being there, but this post cheers me up a lot. First this: Whenever a bunch of Americans get together to celebrate a display of deadly weapons, it’s a … Continue reading

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My More Libertarian Views on War

Great video: I used to be a Republican Hawk, I think the roots go back to so many members of my family being WWII vets, and the Nazis being the ideal boogey man in every discussion. Kicking Nazi ass was … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Bad Justice

Dangerous criminals monitored by NOBODY! Two convicted sex offenders dutifully checked in with police every month and wore their GPS trackers around the clock — the rules of parole that are designed to tip off authorities if a freed felon … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Arranged Marriage

She obviously didn’t want to marry that dude…. Police say a child bride forced into marriage in Nigeria prepared a poisoned meal that has killed her groom and three of his friends. They quote 14-year-old REDACTED as saying she used … Continue reading

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“Sporting Purpose” Revolver

A Great Video of Jerry shooting his tweaked S&W 929 Cool video. Were you like me and saying “Boy in slow-motion I can reload that fast!!” Hell in those high-speed footage I can eject and reload full-power .357 from a … Continue reading

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Another Day for Squirrel!

This will be a great show if only because these are topics I can talk about all night. In Honor of this weekend’s date of 4/20, we’ll be talking about the War on (some) drugs, and the popularity of legalizing … Continue reading

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Jeff Gets His Whiper On

Man I loved suppressed guns! Looks like a ton of fun! Also .300 BLK is about the same power level of .30-30 Winchester, and if you’re allowed to hunt with semi-autos and suppressors I can’t think of a better gun … Continue reading

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The Social Side of the Gun Issue

So many of you are packing up and heading to Indianapolis for the NRA annual meeting. Part of me is sad I’ll be missing it, especially since there are a bunch of you who will be there who I haven’t … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Home Invasion

Gun not needed: A central Ohio coroner says an elderly woman killed during a burglary at her apartment this week was stabbed to death. Now she’s just as dead as if she had been shot. Still this shows the other … Continue reading

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4/20 in Denver

A Coworker of mine was on vacation in Colorado last week. I just so happened he was on the steps of the capital on Sunday at exactly 4:20pm Local time. He snapped a picture of the marijuana festival at that … Continue reading

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