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Images of the Antis: Property Rights

Found this image and it raises some interesting questions: That’s the Augusta National Golf Course rules. Now personally I’m fine with private lands having such rules (given that it is not a crime to disobey said rules unless you refuse … Continue reading

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Open Bolt .22 Rifles

Neat! That single-shot was considered a “Machine Gun” by the ATF in their hatred of open bolts. Also interesting about the linear fixed firing pins. Since I love .22 revolvers, if I have a misfire I’ll often rotate that misfired … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day: Smart Gun

I don’t think this quote is because they don’t get it, but they want US to be mislead: “Right now, unfortunately, these organizations that are scaring everybody have the power,” Ms. Padilla said. “All we’re doing is providing extra levels … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Stolen Van

Guns aren’t like cars at all, are they? A teenager was killed and his mother was critically injured in a crash involving the driver of a stolen minivan fleeing the Highland Park police Tuesday morning, officials say. Maybe a background … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

From Sebastian: “Chauchat, which is French for “Piece of shit” LOL! More here!

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Images of the Antis 100% Wrong

Sometimes I wonder, do the antis hate Stand Your Ground laws, so they lie to help stigmatize them, or do they simply have ZERO understanding of them? Funny, you aren’t “Standing your ground” if you’re chasing somebody. SYG law simply … Continue reading

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The Atari ET Dump is True?

So I was many of the kids in the Christmas season of 1982 who got a copy of ET for my Atari 2600. Being 4 years old, I didn’t know any better, and I rather liked the game. Being a … Continue reading

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Another Story of how Gun Control Laws Work

This is a standard debate topic of the whole gun debate. The anti-rights side proposes a new law or restriction. The gun rights side notes that the law won’t protect anybody because criminals don’t care. The antis counter that criminals … Continue reading

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More Bloomberg Nonsense

a new video is up from Everytown called “Not Our Words” So we have a bunch of people who have been effected by criminals using guns. They’re stating gun-rights quotes, and then they’re regurgitating anti-gun boilerplate. So interesting observations. We … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Mass Stabbing

In Canada where they have “Common Sense” Gun Laws! Police say five people are dead after multiple stabbings at a house party in Calgary. Emma Poole, a Calgary police spokeswoman, said Tuesday three males were found dead at the home. … Continue reading

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