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Again Anti-Freedom!

Remember this post? It is not inconvenient to get a simple background check for a gun purchase. It takes mere minutes unless one is on the list of prohibited purchasers. Those folks should be inconvenienced. And, of course, the 5 … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Drowning

This is a really sad one: Authorities say an 8-year-old boy’s dad and his uncle are dead after they jumped into Idaho’s Snake River to rescue him after he fell in. The Elmore County Sheriff’s office says the three were … Continue reading

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Play Me Out: Parliament

A Classic!

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Guns and Prohibition

Of course we know the anti-gun forces are for prohibiting guns, carry, and self defense in every way possible, but as I constantly say, they are Anti-Freedom, not just anti-gun. Sean suggested for this week’s Gun Blog Variety Cast Sean … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Stabbing

We need just ONE MORE LAW! A teen was stabbed to death in downtown Raleigh after July 4 fireworks Friday night. Sean was nice enough to include the suspect’s rap sheet. He was given a suspended sentence for B&E back … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Arrow

Good old-fashioned killing! A man has been arrested on suspicion of killing his brother’s friend with a bow and arrow during a dispute at his Southern California home. Thankfully he used an old-fashioned and out-dated weapon, otherwise there would have … Continue reading

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For Those Wanting More Weer’d in their Podcast Life

I’m a member of another one! I’ll need to look into how to embed the podcast here at Weer’d World, but like I said, busy week. It’s a cool podcast, Sean and Adam picked a bunch of bloggers to each … Continue reading

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Been a VERY busy week and weekend, so the blog bug really isn’t biting. Still the interesting articles are piling up, so let’s just rip into a bunch of them. First is this messed up case: Just this week, such … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Bad Parents

Wow this is just bizarre! Parents of an infant that unexpectedly died in Luzerne County were arraigned on criminal charges Friday. …Authorities said 2½-month-old Jaxon Eckrote died on Valentine’s Day from asphyxiation and compression injuries from a recliner chair. …According … Continue reading

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Over Penetration

Great video My Father-in-Law was showing off his .357 home defense gun. I asked him “Are you worried about over-penetration?” His answer was “Nope!” Of course I asked this before I knew as much as I do about terminal ballistics. … Continue reading

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