Over Penetration

Great video

My Father-in-Law was showing off his .357 home defense gun. I asked him “Are you worried about over-penetration?”

His answer was “Nope!”

Of course I asked this before I knew as much as I do about terminal ballistics. From observations and tests, just about any resistance to a bullet (especially a hollow point or soft point round, or any other round designed to expand/deform) will start to lose it’s gyroscopic stability lickity-split, and start dumping ballistics energy.

Does that mean over penetration isn’t an issue. of course not, but I agree with this video that bullets are not high-power lasers that just burn a straight line through everything in their path.

Always be sure of your target, and what lies beyond it, but really pick a good gun, and a good caliber, and shoot straight and you will most likely be fine.

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  1. bluesun says:

    Of course, don’t go out and put hunting rounds in your carry gun if you can help it…

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