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“Gun Death” Horrible Abuse

Ye been warned on this one: A Philadelphia child is dead and his parents in custody, charged with beating and starving the boy to death. Police say 6-year-old Khalil Wimes weighed less than 30 pounds when he died Monday night … Continue reading

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Interesting Walmart Story

So I follow the anti-gun Walmart Blog done by Jason Kilgore. This recent story has me scratching my head: After the employee took five firearms out of the case at 12:22 p.m. Zwar grabbed the employee. The clerk said Zwar … Continue reading

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Images of the Antis: Lying About the Brady Bill

Now the biggest gun control victory in America in the last 40 years was the Federal Assault Weapons ban. It also turns out it was their biggest defeat as it woke up the casual gun owners and weekend hunters that … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Metal Box

Interesting how places with the worst gun controls have some of the worst deaths: The son of a convicted criminal brutally murdered in northern NSW has told a court his father died in a metal box with less dignity than … Continue reading

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Is There No Justice In This World?

I just searched Youtube, and there were NO (ZERO) videos of people playing the Magnum PI theme on the Banjo! Can this REALLY be true? Is this the world we live in?

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Grahhh! Rule 2!!!!

Found this cool video from some sort of old artillery shoot At 45 Seconds I just started to itch! Dude was capping what I believe is a fully live cannon (now, mind you at near-contact distance even a blank charge … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Cannibal

Yep, you read correct! A Florida man has been arrested for allegedly hacking to death a Connecticut man and eating the victim’s eye and part of his brain, police said Wednesday. Go read the story, it’s REALLY horrific. Straight up … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Mass Murder

Didn’t make the national news, I wonder why? The man police say killed a family of five will go on trial for the crime. …Court records indicate that Rust and her four children were choked to death. A police affidavit … Continue reading

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For Scotland

Looks like you guys picked to forever be the welfare state of England. Good for you! For you, a Swede messing with you!

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Squirrel Burger In Paradise!

I hate Jimmy Buffet, but I couldn’t resist! Tonight on the Squirrel Report we talk about Cheeseburgers! How do you make ’em? Also there will be politics. The “Progressive” view of the Constitution, Ebola, Should Scotland Be free? Plus more! … Continue reading

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