Interesting Walmart Story

So I follow the anti-gun Walmart Blog done by Jason Kilgore. This recent story has me scratching my head:

After the employee took five firearms out of the case at 12:22 p.m. Zwar grabbed the employee.

The clerk said Zwar held a knife to his throat and tried to cut him several times, documents state.

The clerk told authorities he was calmly able to get away and Zwar left the sporting goods area.

Zwar returned less than a minute later swinging a large yellow crow bar, documents state.

Zwar “smashed the glass out of the display case and removed one firearm,” documents state.

Walmart staff determined the firearm was a Bushmaster model M-16, .223-caliber semi-automatic rifle.

The whole article reads in the fashion that makes me wonder if Newspapers are hiring illiterates to write articles. Still what we know is a nut walked into a Walmart and asked to see some guns. When the employee got fives guns out of the case for him, the nut pulled a knife out and assaulted him. The employee “Calmly” got away and the dude left(??). He then came back and smashed the case with a crowbar (WTF??) and grabbed a gun (A Bushmaster “Model M-16”, I’m unaware of any such model name for semi-auto civilian guns. Seems most of the Bushmaster models are named “XM-15”, I suspect the reporter spaced out and made that part up) and was apprehended soon afterwards.

I’m glad nobody was hurt, and I’m REALLY glad this nut is off the streets, and I hope he stays that way with the fact that he’s being charged locally AND Federally for this little stunt. I hope once he serves his Federal nut for the gun charges he is transferred to the Montana prison system to pay off the armed robbery, assault, and attempted murder charges. This is NOT somebody you want around without a chaperone.

Still why did Jason bother with this article. Seems that simply because a gun was stolen this somehow supports his agenda that Walmart should stop selling guns and ammo. Because banning guns will somehow stop the lunatic with a knife and a crowbar.

Really the big issue is in every full-time gun store (90% of the time NOBODY is at the Walmart gun counter) there are several people behind the counter, and they are ALL visibly armed. Somebody pulls a knife on an associate in that fashion I suspect the attacker will suddenly have so many holes he’ll whistle as he falls!

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5 Responses to Interesting Walmart Story

  1. divemedic says:

    There is a gun store in Orlando called Reig’s Guns. It is robbed with some frequency. There has been more than one wannabe robber that has been perforated. There have also been a couple that have succeeded (a middle of the night smash and grab made off with a few guns once.)

  2. John Matus says:

    The Walmarts in my area take the firing pins out of their display guns. I thought this was a corporate thing. Makes sense since you’re right about how often the gun counter is manned.

  3. Bob S. says:

    Jason is desperate to pump up the number of stories on that blog; he has to keep the fear up. Which is ironic considering he is one of the people accusing gun owners of living in fear because we own/carry firearms.

    Notice he makes no point about the use a deadly weapon to instigate the robbery — the knife. No point made that he purchased the crowbar –another deadly weapon – without a background check at a different store.

    Nor does he mention the police chasing the thief in yet another deadly weapon; one which racks up more involvement in fatalities and injuries than firearms.

    Guess it is showing how the antis have to scrape the bottom of the barrel to keep their agenda going.

  4. Archer says:

    “Somebody pulls a knife on an associate in that fashion I suspect the attacker will suddenly have so many holes he’ll whistle as he falls! “

    Probably, but that would be a “Gun Death”, and Jason would have some blood to dance in.

    If they can make any story suit their agenda, that’s when you can safely assume they’re lying at least part (if not all) of the time.

  5. jakki says:

    the employee that was assaulted was my dad. the worrying thing about it all is that in a place where they sell guns and ammo ( and probably knives and crowbars) is that there was no armed guard to even possibly deter the man from even attempting the robbery. My dad was struck with the crowbar on his arm. He is 80 years old. Nearly a year later, his arm is still discoloured and painful and doesn’t have a lot of strength. it came out in the trial that the guy who stole the gun was off his meds and on his way to harm either his dad or stepdad. i can’t remember which. I haven’t read anything else on this site, so i don’t know what your stance is on guns. after living in the uk now for 20 years, i am anti gun. My dad, however, isn’t. i grew up with them, but now see no need for civilians to have them apart from hunting or sport or if your a farmer. I’m not saying that an armed guard would have stopped the event, he might have been very determined. Like i say, i am not pro gun, but i don’t ever see laws in america changing, so if you sell guns and ammo, there should be some sort of protection for your employees or deterrent to reduce this type of thing happening. But, i can’t believe there is no protection. it might have stopped my dad from being injured. he has been off work ever since.

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