A Cool Kahr Arms Promo Video

I’m madly in love with Kahr’s polymer pocket pistol. Here’s why!

Super thin, super light, with a low bore axis giving the gun more capacity and more of a firing grip than similar-sized guns in the same class. Also the closest gun to compare the pre-charged striker DAO action is the legendary Colt Python revolver. It’s a little different from the other striker-fired guns, but I prefer this trigger feel.

Also for the Field and Stream guys, it’s pronounced “WIS-ter”….I don’t judge them because Worcester just looks like alphabet soup on the printer page!

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5 Responses to A Cool Kahr Arms Promo Video

  1. The_Jack says:

    Love those guns!

    I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks of revolver with that trigger.

    The vid is a bit bittersweet. As that northeast gun valley is rapidly draining. Course given the insane hoops it takes for a Mass resident to *get* a Kahr

  2. Almost made me want another PM9. Too bad the presenter ruined my enthusiasm by using a “teacup” grip when he fired a pistol. I’m so snobby!

  3. Maxwell says:

    I had a guy in Worcester years ago tell me it was pronounced,”‘WOOH-ster’, same as in, WOOH-kee'”.

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