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Last night on Handgun Radio I got a little Gun G33ky with Ryan.

I was going off the top of my head when talking about the history of micro 9mm Pistols. I decided to do a little research, again I’m going off of small models I’m aware of, so I might have missed a few.

Glock 26: Introduced 1995, its tiny and light, but maybe a BIT bigger than many of the others I’ll be talking about.

Kel-Tec P11: Introduced 1995, really the first handgun with a polymer frame in this size class. Also it was designed around the S&W Model 59 magazine so the gun could accept 15 round magazines.

Kahr K9: Introduced 1996: Thinner than the Kel-tec due to the single-stack magazine, but heavier due to all-steel construction. While the Kel-Tec was an inexpensive pistol with a lot of flaws, this gun was far from inexpensive and gained a lot of popularity in its time as a backup gun for police, and for the post 1994 Concealed Carry boom.

S&W CS9: introduced 1998 Smaller and thinner than glock and P-11, and this gun has every safety feature you can think of. DA trigger pull, manual safety, and magazine disconnect. No word if S&W ever tried a feature where you had to ask the gun nicely before you could fire it.

Kahr P9: Introduced 1999. First gun to really look like many of the small nines on the market today.

Kahr PM9 introduced 2004, Still one of the smalles 9mm Polymer guns produced

Kel Tec PF9: Introduced 2006: About the same in size as the PM9 but at a lower price, and unfortunately diminished quality and reliability.

Walther PPS: Introduced in 2007: This is the first gun of the “Micro 9 Boom”, and I think you can now see why I call it a Johnny-Come-Lately.

And just to be Snyde in 2014 Glock Released the Glock 42 in .380 Auto. Good for you, Glock!

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  1. EMS Artifact says:

    The CS9 is double action for the first shot, single action after that. It’s a handy little self defense firearm and I carried one for a couple of years. It’s replacement is a slightly larger S&W semi auto that works the same way.

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