“Bad Ass State Trooper” Fisk

It seems that many of the “I’m a Gun owner But…” gun control types are mostly machismo-spewing blowhards.

While on the surface most of his tips have a grain of truth, but they quickly fall apart from there:

Common sense. Common sense is your best day to day option for protection. Not being in bad neighborhoods at night, avoiding unlit sidewalks, and keeping your situational awareness helps. Some shady looking dude seems to be walking towards you, maybe you should cross the street or leave the area. A gang of hoodlums are hanging out under that broken street light, maybe we should avoid that. Hey I can cut through this back alley to save 5 minutes on my trip, wait thats a dumb idea.

Grain of truth, we’ll get back to this later, but really in the end isn’t he just blaming the victim? He’s from Baltimore which is a crime-filled shithole. Is he claiming that residents of his city are the dumbest people ever? People live in Dangerous places for reasons they can’t reasonably control. Hell I moved from the rather safe Portland Maine, to a neighborhood in Medford Massachusetts where a pair of cops got their teeth kicked in by a gang of teens. I moved here for employment and love, while maintaining proximity to my family. It couldn’t be helped, but I guess I’m an idiot.

Run the fuck away. Yes good self defense is knowing when to run the fuck away. This falls in line with my common sense point too. Shady looking guy heading your way, you change direction and he does too? Time to beat feet.

Ok now let’s look at the “Common Sense” bit again. technically I’m CONSTANTLY “Running away”, if I think things might go south, I leave, but this is all before a threat presents itself.

When you’re being engaged running is one of the WORST things you can do. Unless you’re an Olympic sprinter, there’s no way you know you can outrun a deadly threat. If your attacker is faster than you…or has a gun, you’re simply turning your back to a known threat. So I personally will run from a POTENTIAL threat, but when I KNOW I’m being attacked I’ll back away and do my best to de-escalate, but as soon as that fails, its time to stand your ground and let violence beget worse violence.

I carry a gun because I want to be the winner if that ever happens.

Comply. So you chose to ignore that shady looking guy walking your way and you didnt see him until he has you at knifepoint. Welp your best bet is to comply. James fucking Bond can draw and shoot faster than a guy can stab you with a knife at 5 feet, but you sure as shit cant.

First up, Bullshit! Second, you are NOT entering into a binding contract with a mugger. If you give an armed attacker your wallet, you now have an armed attacker with your wallet. You are in a WORSE situation, not a better one. Complying is simply stupid! You’re taking an anti-social monster at their word. Next up is he going to tell me I should let a child molester babysit my daughter if he says he’s not interesting in raping her?

Self defense. Next off is some sort of martial arts training. MMA has gotten big recently and stuff like that can really help you defend yourself in case points 1, 2, and 3 fail, or if the bad guy(s) really got the jump on you. The best option here is to defend yourself, create distance, and then yup you guessed it, run the fuck away.

Not horrible advice, really. Still it takes YEARS to master a martial art, and even then it really only goes so far. If you are unarmed, and they have a weapon, the odds are against you, if your an average Joe, or a 57th Dan Black belt in Badass-fu. Further one just needs to look at martial arts competitions, they always divide the bouts by sex and by weight. So if you are female, and your attacker is male, you’re at a disadvantage, and if you’re smaller than your attack you are at a disadvantage.

Training is good, but packing a gun is better.

Finally we get to weapons. Weapons are a force multiplier. If some people are really trying to hurt you, a weapon of some sort is your last line of defense…. Point 5 is really really only when for when points 1, 2, and 3 (and depending on circumstances, point 4) have failed.

His points are sound, but his reasoning is bullshit. If 1, 2, and 3 have failed, and somebody is trying to kill you, they likely already have, and if you have a gun or knife they might take it as a trophy or to kill their next victim.

And of course some chest-thumping bravado, with a healthy dose of strawman!

Just because youre walking around with a Colt .45 on your hip it doesnt mean youre Billy Badass all of a sudden.

Who thinks this besides gun banners? I walk around with a .45 under my coat because I want to go home that night and sleep in my bed! I’m the furthest thing from a badass, hence why I’m not advocating distance sprinting and kung-fu to save my life when a .45 Hollow point is at hand! A badass action-star can out-run a villain or knock him out with a perfectly placed punch…that ain’t me, and it ain’t you. I’ll avoid danger however I can, and I’ll take the slings and arrows of insults for being a “Pussy”…I don’t NEED to be a badass! But if danger comes looking for me, I’m not going to fight back, I’m going to kill them and call the cops.

Hollywood might make you think that’s “Badass”, but it really isn’t. Just look at what George Zimmerman is going through, it ain’t fun, and it won’t make you a national hero…but you WILL still be alive.

And last a little anti-gun Irony:

Yeah im a Bad Ass State TrooperTM but im still not gonna walk around the freaking bad parts Baltimore or DC or NYC at night.

Three HUGE gun control capitals of the United states and this chest-thumping guy won’t go there after dark. Meanwhile in less restrictive jurisdictions I’ll walk around at night unmolested…probably because the predators know I might have a gun…and with me, I do!

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11 Responses to “Bad Ass State Trooper” Fisk

  1. Bob S. says:

    I really really wish the antis would have a talk with the criminals and tell them to stay in the ‘bad areas’. Its almost as if the criminals actually go where there may be people to rob, rape, murder, mug — the nerve of them !

  2. Miguel says:

    If you give an armed attacker your wallet, you now have an armed attacker with your wallet. You are in a WORSE situation, not a better one.
    Including: Now he knows where you live, so he can go straight to the place and ransack it, specially if you also surrendered the keys. You gave him your credit cards & IDs plus any other important info that will make your life miserable

  3. LMB says:

    And another point, the whole “run away!” thing – What if you can’t?

    I know a guy, fellow gun nut, who is confined to a wheel chair. He’s pretty damned fast in that thing, but I don’t think he can actually outrun a thug intent on robbing him, and he’s not in a good position to fight back if he has to do so with just his hands (or the arm rests on his chair, which he can pull out, but that’s pretty much a desperate last-ditch option, )

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Our Mutual Friend, and roving reporter for the BLNN, Les walks with a cane. Hell how many of us have seen somebody with gray hair and wrinkles on the gun range? OK how many of us have seen gray hair and wrinkles at anything but a “Seniors Only” track event?

      “Can’t Run Away” is a very common affliction. Sure most of us can RUN, but how many of us can legitimately run away from a threat?

      • TS says:

        This brings to mind the joke about being chased by a bear. You don’t have to outrun the bear, you just have to outrun your buddy.

        Running isn’t an option if you are with somebody you care about. I know a guy who was able to run away from an attack only because his buddy went down. The buddy ended up in the hospital, and he’s getting a permit so he doesn’t have to abandon friends or family next time.

  4. Archer says:

    Good start, but I’m of a mind to fisk this section a bit further (forgive me, Weer’d, it might get a bit long):

    Self defense. Next off is some sort of martial arts training. MMA has gotten big recently and stuff like that can really help you defend yourself in case points 1, 2, and 3 fail, or if the bad guy(s) really got the jump on you. The best option here is to defend yourself, create distance, and then yup you guessed it, run the fuck away.

    MMA has gotten pretty popular recently. As has “Karate for Kids” (which is really Tae Kwon Do), cardio kick-boxing (Tae Bo, anyone?), Western boxing (“the manly sport”), and a host of other sports that call themselves “martial arts.”

    Every single one of these is missing something. Know what it is? Martial arts.

    They’re great for what they are – exercise, basic skills, confidence building – but very few of them are actually useful for self-defense. Why? Part of it is the rules – unlike training classes, street fights and self-defense scenarios don’t have rules – but the other part is the limitations of the “styles” themselves. MMA-style grappling and submission are great against a single attacker, but bad guys, like wolves, tend to travel in packs. Going “to the ground” with Bad Guy #1 just makes it easier for Bad Guy #2 (and #3, #4, etc.) to stomp the crap out of you. “Sport” or “Olympic” Tae Kwon Do – at least around here – tends to teach style over substance; their forms look great, but they have no power, and many “black belts” have never trained to actually strike anything; a self-defense situation is a really bad time to snap a wrist or ankle trying to punch or kick a bad guy. Western boxing uses large padded gloves, which in addition to padding the striking tool (the fist), it significantly changes the physics of the “fight;” with big, bulky gloves, simply raising one’s hands is an effective “block” … that doesn’t work without the gloves, and the increased mass on the outside of the fist makes hooking punches highly effective in the ring, but tends to snap the relatively unsupported 4th and 5th metacarpal bones when tried without gloves (this injury is commonly called a “boxer’s break” for this exact reason).

    Are they a start? Yes. But if you go this route you have to train for what you intend to use it for. That means actually training the striking “tools”: hands (including fingers and wrists for some of the more “exotic” strikes), fists, elbows, knees, feet. And it will take a LOT of time, effort, sweat, bruises, yelling/cursing, frustration, etc. before you can expect it to be useful “on the street.” The most acute short-term benefit will be that the physical fitness and conditioning make the “run the f#ck away” option more feasible (still not the best option, IMHO, just a “more feasible” one).

    Just my $0.02 (which is more like a dollar-fifty, with this word count 😉 ).

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