Baldr Brings The Hate

I haven’t been reading Jason “Baldr” Kilgore, because like most anti-gun bloggers, they can’t be bothered to make more than one post a month. Turns out his latest is pretty good.

He’s responding to the NRA video unveiled at the NRA National Meeting:

This video didn’t knock my socks off, but frankly I’m an embedded warrior for gun rights and have been for a decade now. This video is NOT for me. It is NOT for Jason either:

I’m laughing today at a propaganda video put out by the NRA for their convention, which is happening right now.

Here, see if for yourself. I want everyone to see the sort of fearmongering they are pushing…

Fear-mongering, huh? Explain!

Did you notice that one of the narrators is a black man and another is a woman? I wonder why they chose them for this? Could it be because gun ownership is incredibly low in those demographics? Probably because women who live in a home with guns are FAR more likely to be victims of shootings in domestic violence incidents, and Blacks are FAR more likely to be shot to death than Whites.

He cites a Gallup poll which are always suspect. I don’t talk to random strangers about my guns, I am NOT talking about a random stranger on the phone about them either. Still the writing is on the wall, the new wave of Gun Culture 2.0 has switched away from the rural hunter (who was generally a white male) to urban and suburban people getting into guns for the fun of shooting and for personal protection. Now given that non-whites are called “minorities” for a reason the bulk of all gun owners in America are white because the bulk of Americans are white. Still with this new group interested more in self defense rather than ducks and deer (and frankly if you live near a major city, which most Americans do, you really don’t have a good opportunity to go hunting), more minorities and women are getting into shooting.

Still despite this Jason wants to belittle non-white males who support the NRA, and paint women as nothing but victims. Also that bit about blacks being the most likely victims of gun violence? Who’s shooting them? Other blacks, and not the law-abiding CCW holding kind. This is a cultural issue, and something that really frustrates me. Blacks are a minority in this country, but they are a majority when it comes to violent crime. I have no idea how to fix this, but the fact that a white man like myself commenting on this is often derided by blacks is probably a hint to the root of the issue…

Do you still believe in good guys?

Why yes, yes I do, but that doesn’t automatically count anyone who can legally buy a gun. I’ve seen too many reports of the sort of people whom the NRA labels as “good guys” go on shooting rampages. Consider, for instance, the 475 shooters who had legal conceal carry permits, whose shootings led to 636 deaths, as chronicled by the Violence Policy Center.

Which people going on “Shooting Rampages” have been supported by the NRA? Note he doesn’t give citations, there’s a reason for that. As for the VPC “Concealed Carry Killers”, well frankly the case it makes isn’t very compelling. I would rather them have NO incidences, but that is never a reality, still they have needed to keep a running tally for almost a decade, including lawful self defense, and people who haven’t had the benefit of a trial, and suicide victims to make the numbers look even remotely scary. Again, this is a number I wish was much smaller, but still it is damning a group by such a marginal fraction, I think it solidifies the statement that people with a concealed weapons permit are indeed “Good Guys”. Not 100%, but what else has a margin this tight in any other field?

You are surrounded by a world where madmen are famous and good ones forgotten

Madmen? Like the racist, insurrectionist rancher, Cliven Bundy, who has gathered together a bunch of armed militia to help him continue illegally grazing his cattle without paying for it? And good ones? Like Jordan Davis, the unarmed teen who was shot to death by an armed “good guy” who didn’t like Davis’ music being played too loud and who wasn’t convicted for the crime of killing the boy? No, sadly, the NRA and their followers reverse that order.

Now here Jason does some deliberate omissions. He constantly talks about violent criminals that are national news spectacles, and even runs a few blogs where he attempts to bring more violent criminals to notoriety. I could easily name a half-dozen names that you would be able to attach to a horrible mass shooting, I won’t because I feel that behavior is part of the problem.

Still Jason feels like talking about Cliven Bundy and Jordan Davis. While I’m not a fan of either of these people I will note that Bundy has neither killed nor harmed ANYBODY. Davis will be spending the rest of his life in Prison. It is a shame he had to kill people BEFORE he got there, but unfortunately that’s how the justice system works. Jason hates that. He hates that and freedom!

Doors are locked and streets have gone silent.

Where the gates of success swing open for hypocrites, chameleons, bullies, and yes-men.

Where filthy crimes go unpunished, and killers and con artists prey upon anyone who still follows the rules.

Wow. That’s a really bleak picture they paint! The NRA loves to roll out their circus of fear! Makes me afraid to go out my locked door into the silent street. From the sound of it, killers and con-artists (why not throw in zombies, too?) are waiting to prey on me. I’d better arm myself!

Can you think of any “filthy crimes” that have gone unpunished? I certainly can. But if the crime involves a gun, you can bet the NRA has turned its head and done nothing to keep it from happening again. It couldn’t possibly have been committed by one of their “good guys.” And who are they thinking of when they refer to hypocrites? Maybe THIS GUY? Surely, when they mention “chameleons,” they aren’t thinking of THIS GUY, right? And when they say “bullies,” are they talking about THESE GUYS, who stalked unarmed women out to lunch? Somehow I doubt it.

Bleak Picture? From the guy who wants to ban gun, states that all women living in homes with guns will be shot by them, and attempting to paint anybody with a concealed carry permit is a murderer ready to snap.

Also when we mean crimes going unpunished we’re talking things like THIS and other instances of the “revolving door” justice system where violent criminals are left free walking the streets. Jason just takes a political spin as if people doing silly political things are a “filthy crime”. Seriously he’s unhinged and crazy!

It takes courage to be free. A special kind of backbone to reject the world that surrounds you.

Yes, let’s evoke words like “courage” and “freedom” to sell your guns, NRA. It’s a recurring theme. But be sure to reinforce the anti-government propaganda that you’ve been spewing. Make it seem “courageous” to reject the world surrounding you. I mean, it takes a “backbone” to be fringe, right?

Normal, everyday people who aren’t drinking the NRA Kool-Aid can see this video for what it is:
fearmongering with lots of patriotic dressing, intended to rile up NRA members into buying more guns.

Uh huh…and about that Fear-Mongering?

I’ve seen lots of reports in the last few days that make me question who the NRA thinks of as “good guys.” Like THIS GUY, who strapped on his handgun and terrorized kids and moms at a little league baseball game. Thanks to the NRA, the police couldn’t do anything to stop him. Or THIS GUY, who opened fire on police with an AK-47 assault rifle when they knocked on his door to see if he had witnessed a car crash in front of his house. Or THIS GUY, who had a loaded, unsecured handgun in a bag and, dropping it, unintentionally shot his wife in the ass. Or the parents of THIS TEEN, who allowed their AK-47 assault rifle and other guns to get into his hands and take them to school with him to threaten others. Or the parents of THIS 8-YEAR OLD KID, who allowed their assault rifle to get into his hands so that he shot at people with it. As far as I can tell, none of these “law abiding gun owners” had been prohibited from owning their guns. Are they NRA “good guys” too (until they weren’t)??

It’s time to reject the NRA propaganda and expose it for what it is and take REAL steps to keep guns out of the hands of the bad guys!

Yep, fear mongering and stating that failed tactics might help people be safer!

And for Bonus he has an update:

No sooner had I posted this when a news report came in: Six people were shot by a deranged and armed man at a FedEx facility in Kennesaw, Georgia. Two people are critically injured, and the shooter then shot himself to death. Why is this relevant to this post? Because Kennesaw is a town which passed a law REQUIRING every household to own a gun!! If you followed the NRA “logic”, then a shooting of this magnitude just shouldn’t be possible. With all those armed “good guys” around, the shooter shouldn’t have been able to kill before being killed, and in a state which recently passed the “guns everywhere” law, no less!

Yep, Kennesaw Georgia has a law (that isn’t enforced) that everybody should own a gun. Where did the shooting happen? In a place with “Gun Free Zone” Signs!

Of course that’s just a coincidence! Obviously it was the fact that most of the people shot or shot at owned guns that’s the cause of all of this, not the fact that the shooter had a good reason that all of those guns would be locked up at home or in cars when he started shooting!

It’s almost like they don’t hear themselves speaking. The reality is that they have no personal relationship with reality!

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11 Responses to Baldr Brings The Hate

  1. The_Jack says:

    It takes a special kind of logic to see a shooting in the one “gun free zone” in an area and scream that the problem was all the other places in the town…. you know the ones where guns weren’t banned, and didn’t have shootings.

  2. AZRon says:

    I remember when Kennesaw passed their “must own” ordinance. Even at the time, they knew it was unenforceable. If memory serves, it was intended as a poke in the eye to the idiots running Morton Grove, Il and their recent legislation that attempted to disarme the citizens.

    I think it’s funny as hell. Baldr…not so much. Of course I’ve never seen the worth of illogical whiners.

  3. Stuart the Viking says:

    I’m not sure about those “Gun Free Zone Sings!” What kind of songs does one sing at such a place?



  4. Bob S. says:

    hey Baldr?

    Because Kennesaw is a town which passed a law REQUIRING every household to own a gun!!

    How do you explain the murder rates in Chicago and D.C. where they effectively BANNED everyone from owning firearms?

    Didn’t D.C. used to be called the “Murder Capital” and doesn’t Chicago have a strong claim to that title now?

    • Weerd Beard says:

      And one must wonder in a town that size how many gun free zones there are. The K-12 schools, the Post office, the Court House, and this Fed Ex building. I’m betting 99.9% of the town by area is pro-gun, and the shooting was HERE?


  5. Archer says:

    Jordan Davis was the teenager shot by Michael Dunn. The prosecution called it a shooting over “loud rap music,” but the situation culminated in Davis making overt verbal threats (“gonna kill you m*****f*****”) and pulling “something” that Dunn perceived to be a shotgun. It wasn’t, but that doesn’t matter; it was an aggressive, intentionally-threatening gesture after an overt verbal threat.

    It’s important to note that Dunn will very likely be spending the rest of his life in prison, but not for the murder of Jordan Davis; the jury hung on that charge, presumably because at least some jurors thought the self-defense claim had merit. He’ll be in prison for assault with a deadly weapon, because he didn’t stop shooting after the car Davis was in was pulling away.

    Also important to note that despite any media reports to the contrary, it wasn’t a “Stand Your Ground” case because nobody has a duty to retreat from a shotgun. I wouldn’t expect poor Baldr to understand any of this; all he sees is ZOMGGUNDEATH!!!!!11!1!!!!

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Nah, the jury was hung because this was a murder 2 case and the prosecution only wanted a murder 1 conviction.

      He’ll be re-tried, and if the prosecution doesn’t overplay their hand again he’ll be convicted.

      The shotgun was most likely a fabrication from all I’ve read.

      • Archer says:

        True. I’d gotten so caught up in the event that I forgot about the prosecution’s overreach.

        As a side note, I’m quite relieved the prosecution couldn’t prove that carrying a gun equals premeditation, which is one of the things they seemed to be pushing for.

  6. The Jack says:

    1) Let’s say you had a town where every resident had to own a fire extinguisher.

    2) And let’s say that in said town the fire codes were such that businesses didn’t need to have fire extinguishers or sprinklers or the like, and that it was legal for business to ban their employees from brining in their own extinguishers.
    (fire suppression is for the professionals!)

    3) Finally let’s presume that at one of these businesses had a bit of arson during business hours.

    And since there were no on-scene fire suppressant tools, the fire burned and grew until the fire department arrived.

    Now in Baldr’s world, this *proves* that residents having fire extinguishers can’t lessen fire damage.

    Because after all, why didn’t they use their extinguishers?

    • Archer says:

      As an addendum to #2, the business – in addition to forbidding its employees from bringing fire extinguishers – can and does also forbid its customers from bringing them.

      And that might explain why the residents wouldn’t use theirs. But it’s still “proof” enough for Baldr, because like any other committed anti he expects the law-abiding residents will break the law and the criminals will follow it.

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